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My human, Mia, has been working so hard. She is so inspired by my plan. My plan is to go all over the United States meeting new and wonderful people, to share their stories, and to find the connection between all people. Mia is so wonderful, and I want to meet more wonderful humans like her.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Mia and I went to "couch surf" at a friends house last night, since we'll be spending a year visiting friends this way, it's wonderful practice for us.  :)  So Mia made the arrangements, but she forgot to inform me there was a CAT!  Now I've heard rumors of these fiends for quite sometime but have never actually seen one.

So last night I met my first cat, Maple, she is a beautiful feline. I wanted so badly to be her friend, I'm not sure why people had been warning me about cats, she seemed nice enough.  I think though she wasn't in the mood for meeting a new friend, since her human had forgotten to warn her about my visit. She stayed either up on the window sill and once she tried to hide beneath the couch, but I think she didn't realize I could walk under the couch too.  So she quickly returned to the window sill.

I'm happy to know now what a cat is, and look forward to meeting more in the future.  :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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  1. Congratulations, Taco! I'm sure you're going to make many more cat friends on your trip. :-)