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My human, Mia, has been working so hard. She is so inspired by my plan. My plan is to go all over the United States meeting new and wonderful people, to share their stories, and to find the connection between all people. Mia is so wonderful, and I want to meet more wonderful humans like her.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

February Wrap Up

WOW!! 7 months down 5 to go!
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I'm now 58% of the time done with the trip!!  7 months done 5 to go.
I've done 56% of the states (27 out of 48)

Commonly asked questions
What states did you do in the month of January?  Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas

How many states are done in total? 23     Go HERE for the list and to see a map of all the cities I've visited.

What's been your favorite (in FEB)? ART I love Art!  New Orleans Art  and when we use art to celebrate a life, like on MLK day.  You can get wisdom from anywhere including the movies. It was good to see Nashville rebuilding itself. Seeing that people are supporting each other.  I love trying new things like with Laughter Yoga.

Trivia I learned about myself this month:  I learned I still have a lot to learn on this trip. Specifically about Women's Suffrage. the way Equal Rights are won and Mia learned she's still an art work in progress and she "GETS TO".  Mia knows she gets to learn more each and every day about how to balance her life.

What's been the hardest or least favorite this month? Seeing all the destruction and in the ways we as Americans aren't supporting our own country this months example is:  Katrina

What's next? New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada

If you have any other questions or want more in depth answers please feel free to ask :)

This next month I'm continuing to practice the skills of staying in the present moment, and connecting with people as I meet them.  I'm also practicing being inspired by the small things, the everyday and common things of life. 

I am adding to my practice: Exercise, Healthier Eating, Acceptance of all people.
Will you practice with me?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fort Worth Long Horns

We went to the Stockyard in Fort Worth.  
Besides the cattle drive and all the fun shopping. There was a long horn you could get your picture taken with. I chose to stay back and let Mia take pictures of other people getting on Jake, the long horn. I was a bit intimidated by the big horns!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fort Worth Zoo

This first Zoo for this year is the Fort Worth Texas Zoo! 
So much fun and beautiful animals.

Monday, March 28, 2011


While in Oklahoma City, OK we went to the memorial for the OKC bombing. I was not allowed in the site but Mia did go in. I could only get this close, the sidewalk next to the entrance.

Mia enjoyed seeing it. For those of you that don't know why there is a memorial in OKC, there was a bombing in April of 1995.

From the website: The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum was created to honor those who were killed, those who survived and those changed forever by the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The Memorial & Museum are dedicated to educating visitors about the impact of violence, informing about events surrounding the bombing, and inspiring hope and healing through lessons learned by those affected.

Since I was just in Memphis where a question on funds came up for the Museum of Civil Rights I'd like to note this from the website:
The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum does not receive any annual operating funds from the federal, state or local government. Museum admissions, store sales, the OKC Memorial Marathon, earnings from an endowment and private fundraising allow the Memorial and Museum to be self-sustaining. 

For more information about the Memorial go to this LINK.
While driving out of Oklahoma I saw this windmill and thought this was a perfect picture.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

College, ah the memories

While on the road we've had the opportunity to visit several universities. We've driven through many of the ivy league schools and quite a few of Mia's friends work for different schools. 
So we got to go to a couple of fun functions while in Arkansas. One was this mixer where the boys were dressed up as brides by the girls, for a fun game.

 The other was a baseball game!                             Mia and I had never been to a baseball game before.  Mia thinks she went to a few as a kid but she doesn't really remember them. So it was fun to eat Cracker Jacks and be in the stadium watching the game.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wal-Mart Museum

I know many people have a strong opinion about Wal-Mart.  Many people don't have a good opinion about it. I have to say though for all the bad things I hear some how they still stay in business and keep growing, so I wonder how many people talk bad but still shop there.

ANYWAY, Taco Adventures has been far easier because of Wal-Mart. We greatly appreciate the ease of a national shop that allows people to sleep in their parking lots. We have slept in at least six different Wal-Mart parking lots and we're sure there is more to come. 
So when we had the opportunity to go to the birthplace of Wal-Mart and to see the museum we thought it was a must see!  The entry way cracked me up since it used the Wal-Mart signage.

It was also nice seeing how this major corporation started and the concepts behind it. Of course back when Sam and his brother first started up their business, they were helping their family run their family store. The concepts of family and community are strong in the Walton stance for their business. They also used to sell American made only. 

Many of the Sam Walton Quotes were hanging around the museum. I have to say I loved his ideals the business was founded on.                                        Roadside America has a great article about the Museum.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Blue Bird of Happiness

Terra Studios is located near Fayetteville, Arkansas, it is a wonderful creative place. Many different artists create work on site; pottery, glass works, homewares and fine art.  The great feature of the site is there are walking paths outside the showrooms to enjoy art work amongst nature. They have a mural garden and labyrinth. This is the home of the Bluebird of Happiness.

The Bluebird of Happiness is a glass bird that brings happiness to the receiver of one.  The native American's believed Bluebirds to be sacred.

The Bluebird represents cheerfulness, happiness, prosperity, and good health.

I also enjoyed all the sculptures of trolls.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Petit Jean, AR

We were driving through Arkansas and saw the Petit Jean State Park signs. We'd also heard several people mention how beautiful it was up here so we had to check it out.  It was beautiful, the photos Mia took just don't do it justice. If you're ever driving through Arkansas I'd recommend making it a stop.
State Park Website: LINK


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Rock, AR

While we were in Little Rock we took the opportunity to go see the Clinton Library. 
 I'd never been to a presidential library before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I had no idea there would be books filled with what the president did each and every moment of every day they were in office! So Mia and I had fun checking different key dates from the years Bill Clinton served in office. The replica oval office was interesting to look at. It was fun seeing all the family pictures Bill surrounded himself with. I wonder if all the presidents do this. And I wonder now, if they do it because their families really are important or because they know someday their oval office will be on display. 

The Clinton Library had a special art exhibit going while we were there too, it was Dr. Seuss. 
 I didn't realize how much non children's work he had done. He also had some wonderful quotes all over the walls.
 If you don't know much about his other works I'd encourage you to take a look, it was very interesting and in many cases inspiring.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Mia and I got snowed in while we were in Arkansas. Little Rock got 7 inches while we were there. Northern Arkansas got 22 inches! YIKES! We enjoyed the couple of days to relax.

How cute are these little guys! They spent all day eating the seeds from under the snow.
Later that day we went sledding and for a walk out in the wonderful snow.  This girl's eyelashes were icicles!  She was having a great time sledding at one of the local hills. Below shows how much snow we got. 

Luckily this didn't hold up our travels at all, we were already planned to be in Little Rock several days when the snow hit.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Memphis - The Blues

Memphis, TN the home of the Blues and Beale Street!

How can you not love a place where you can go out any night of the week and hear a live band. And on top of that have your pick of bands because there is at least four places on the one street to check out.

This Band was playing the Delta Blues.  The were pretty good. The singer had a rack with 18 different harmonicas on it.

Today, sit back and enjoy the music.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Protesting at Lorraine Hotel, Memphis, TN

Jacqueline out in the freezing cold.

While in Memphis we went by to see the Lorraine Hotel.  This is the place that Martin Luther King Jr. was shot in 1968.  It is now a Civil Rights Museum.  Right outside of the museum is a woman set up protesting the museum.
 Now someone protesting doesn't normally catch my attention. Everything has two sides so there is always someone protesting something. But this woman caught my attention for several reasons. One it was bitter cold! I mean it hurt to breath it was so cold out that day. So that shows some dedication to your cause. And the second reason, we're in the south and this is a black lady protesting the civil rights museum. That seemed very strange to me so I had to go up and find out.

The woman's name is Jacqueline Smith, she has devoted her life to Dr. MLK's dream. She believes the museum is focused on the violence and negitivity of the moment instead of on the hope and inspiration that were behind the civil rights movement. She also believes the millions that are spent on the museum could be put to better use in helping propel civil rights forward. Jacqueline has stood her ground outside of the monument for nearly 15 years. 

She makes some very good points, I have to admit I was conflicted over going in after talking to Jacqueline. I decided not to go in. 

Decide for yourself: LINK
The room he stay

Saturday, March 19, 2011

January Wrap up

WOW!! 6 months down 6 to go!
Here's the link to August's wrap up if you missed it :) LINK 
Here's the link to September's wrap up if you missed it :) LINK
Here's the link to October's wrap up if you missed it :) LINK
Here's the link to November's wrap up if you  missed it :) LINK
Here's the link to December's wrap up if you missed it :) LINK

I'm now 50% of the time done with the trip!!  6 months done 6 to go.
I've done 50% of the states (24 out of 48)

Commonly asked questions
What states did you do in the month of January?  Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana

How many states are done in total? 20     Go HERE for the list and to see a map of all the cities I've visited.

What's been your favorite (in JAN)? Probably Louisiana I really enjoyed the New Orleans for the art.  But I did have fun in Kentucky too! I learned about a lot of things I'd never heard of before Laughter Yoga, Food not Bombs, and Wacky Wednesdays.

Trivia I learned about myself this month:  Mia learned when she doesn't want to be held accountable she holds the whole process up!

What's been the hardest or least favorite this month? Seeing the effects of Katrina.

What's next? Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas

If you have any other questions or want more in depth answers please feel free to ask :)

This next month I'm continuing to practice the skills of staying in the present moment, and connecting with people as I meet them.  I'm also practicing being inspired by the small things, the everyday and common things of life. 

I am adding to my practice: Exercise, Healthier Eating, Acceptance of all people.
Will you practice with me?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chili Cook off

Opportunities ABOUND on this adventure! I showed up in Henderson, TN a little bit earlier than I'd expected to so I got to go to the Chili Cook off!

There were 20 groups entered into the competition.

 Besides delicious chili there were groups that entertained us, desserts, and the competitors got into it dressing up and decorating their tables.

The chili varied from Texas style  to Vegan to 4 types of wild meat (bison, venison, hot sausage and *now I forget the other meat). Pretty much you name it and it was there.

Entertainment was done by local students and some chili competitors too.

I'd never heard a drum line play before .... that was fun to see and VERY LOUD with in the space we were in! All and All a fun time!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bridal Fair

Mia and I had the opportunity while in Gulfport, MS to attend a Bridal show.  No, Mia isn't walking down the aisle anytime soon. The opportunity to go was present to us because Mia knows an event planner. We couldn't believe how much work goes into setting up for this 5 hour event. Mia's friend and his company worked Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning for the event! That's a lot of man hours for one afternoon.
Mia and I had a great time walking around looking at all the pretty flower arrangements, dressing, cakes and photography. I can't believe how many details there are for a wedding.   (Makes me rather happy dogs don't get married)  

If you're interested in an event planner in Gulfport, MS I'd recommend Mia's Friend - LINK

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wade In, Weighs In

Mia wrote about this because I couldn't go on the beach, no dogs allowed.

At the Biloxi Beach in Mississippi I saw this historical marker:

Civil Rights Wade-in: On May 14, 1959, April 24, 1960 and June 23, 1963, the Biloxi beach front was the site of planned civil rights wade-ins demanding equal access to the public beach. On April 24, 1960, several citizens, both black and white, were injured and arrested. Including the leader of the wade-ins, physician Dr. Gilbert R. Mason Sr. This series of protests gave birth to the Biloxi branch of the NAACP, major voter registration drives in 1960, and a 1968 federal court ruling opening the beach to all cititzens.
Even the birds are wading 


What a peaceful way to protest! And based on the sign you'd never guess what followed the wade-ins.

The first showed the protesters how the local police would respond, in support or repression. The nine participants were forcibly removed. The second protest had only one participant, Mr. Mason Sr. During the third wade-in the protesters were instructed to get rid of anything that could be construed as a weapon since these were peaceful protests. The protesters took food, footballs, umbrellas and started swimming.  The protest organizers knew whites would come out to stop the protest, however they hadn't anticipated them to have as many weapons as they had.
"No one expected the violence that erupted.
 We weren't prepared for it.
 We were overwhelmed by their numbers.
 They came like flies over the area." 
Pastor Black, one of the protesters

When night fell the white mobs when through the black neighborhoods, rioting, threatening and firing guns.  Many of the protesters were beaten, and the details can be found online, I will not repeat them here, it is far too gruesome for me to write.

"If we are to receive a beating," 
wrote Evers,
"lets receive it because we have done something, 
not because we have done nothing."

"Those events need to be remembered, 
so that another generation - black and white- can understand
 how much progress we've made." Mr. Winter

"A price was paid for the privileges and rights we enjoy, 
and those that paid the price should be remembered." Mr. Black

Interesting how I read the sign and thought how peaceful to protest with a wade in and nice the historians honor a peaceful event and then when I research it to talk about it, I discover it's called BLOODY SUNDAY.   How humbling to be there. 
To have my feet in the same waters, and on this same sand.  
Thank you to those that sacrificed so much for the equality of ALL MEN & WOMEN.

Mia with her feet in historic waters

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Katrina still in effect

It is cleared, but unlivable
Brand new house next to abandoned 
Church & Barber in 1 building
Everyone is still doing what they can.
Going to the 9th Ward was very eye opening.  I knew people had said there were still houses that hadn't been cleaned up. And there are some. Most of the places are cleaned up, or cleared. However even with the clean up underway there is still so much work to be done.

Many of the houses were being rebuilt on stilts or being built with bricks or other more sturdier building materials. I wonder if that will help next time New Orleans floods...

I'm impressed by the people that live there, I'm not sure how I would do. It seems so depressing to me and I wonder how the people the local people stay encouraged. No doubt I saw several churches and house of prayer locations, I'm sure spirituality helps, as well as strong community connection.  I heard there is lots of crime down there, I did not see any of that, there was a strong police presence and many posters encouraging neighborhood pride.

Obviously the 9th Ward isn't made for tourism, it's a bedroom community, so there really is no reason to go see it when down visiting New Orleans.   HOWEVER...

This picture used to be 24 houses now only 9
North of the 9th Ward and East of New Orleans was Six Flags over Louisiana.  Six Flags is now abandoned and decaying. It was sort of spooky and I think it was affecting the neighboring homes more than in the 9th Ward. I understand it is expensive for the company of Six Flags to clean up or fix everything on their property but seeing the houses near by even more ignored then down in the 9th ward makes me think the people or effected by the Six Flags scenery.
Below is a picture of the neighborhood right behind the park,
 the house with the open garage doors is untouched from Katrina.