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My human, Mia, has been working so hard. She is so inspired by my plan. My plan is to go all over the United States meeting new and wonderful people, to share their stories, and to find the connection between all people. Mia is so wonderful, and I want to meet more wonderful humans like her.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9-29-10 - Inspired by a Mom's love

FYI- Some of the next few blogs might be posted out of order (I always put the date things occur in the title).

On to the story:

This morning when the weather was cool and crisp, Mia & I were in the bathroom getting ready for the day with the window open. This normally would be nothing special but on this glorious morning, our peaceful routine was disturbed by extremely loud lecturing, nay yelling, through the window. At first we struggled to tell what or who the woman was yelling at. I was very happy it wasn't me.

After a few minutes we realized the women was "talking" to her child. She was saying how she expected more out of him, and wanted him to do more to help out around the house. How she and her husband (I assume the father based on some of the comments) needed the assistance. She was suggesting all types of ways her child could pull his own weight around the house.

She was expressing her displeasure at such great volumes we quickly picked up on the fact that this was in fact her 21 year old son. Now this may make you pause and wonder why I called him a child previous. It is not in fact because, according to his mother, he was acting irresponsibly. It is because I believe this is how the mother always spoke to her child. At first this made me sad, thinking about how frustrated the mom was, how presumably irresponsible this adult male is, and how this mom felt yelling was the most effective way to communicate.

But then a thought occurred to me: This mom, though frustrated, is showing her love.

LOVE???  You might ask. Yes, LOVE.

I'd bet this woman was raised with yelling parents, people tend to live out the pattens they themselves are shown. If this mom resorts to yelling I'm sure that's the way she was raised.

Once I started listening again, I heard it, the LOVE. She was asking for her son to show them respect, to be responsible, to have priorities, and to in essence "grow up".  But she didn't know how to ask for these things, and probably didn't know how to show him this when he was younger. And all because she herself was not raised with those tools.

I do believe the tools can be learned later in life, and just because you weren't raised by angelic parents doesn't mean you can't teach your own children how to show love, accept love, and communicate love.
I'm not saying it is easy, and I'm not even sure this woman knows that's really what she's frustrated about.

So today I'm challenging you with three tasks:

#1 - Show love to someone you don't normally show love to.

#2  - Accept love, even when it's hard

#3 - When you hear frustration (yourself or others) try and hear what they are really frustrated with.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Let me introduce Mia

I want you to meet Mia. She's the cute, brunette to the right of this picture.

This is not MY Mia, but this lovely little Mia celebrated her 10th birthday and she plays junior roller derby. 

My Mia used to play roller derby with a league associated with the WFTDA (Women's flat track derby association). During Mia's short time with roller derby, she fell in love with it, so when we were close by White Plains, NY this past weekend Mia couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to the East Region's Play offs. It was three days of roller derby from 10am - about 8pm every night!  

Though I wasn't sure I would enjoy myself for a whole weekend of derby, it was fun to cheer for the girls, and of course a sweet dog like me tends to get lots of attention from females.

WFTDA leagues are split up into 4 regions and during the autumn the top 10 teams go to playoffs to see who will go to the national competition. This year the Nationals will be held in Chicago, IL in November.  The Derby News Network is the internet news source for all things roller derby. They even broadcast the games live for the playoffs!  

If you have any interest in Roller Derby you'll want to google in your local area, or check out either of the sites below for more information.

For more information:

WFTDA      http://wftda.com/
Derby News Network     http://derbynewsnetwork.com/

Thursday, September 23, 2010

9-23-10 - Inspired by the Unexpected

Today Mia and I sat in a Borders Bookstore using the internet. Mia sat down in a corner of the cafe' away from the main area so as to not disturb people with her typing. A little bit later, a vibrant older woman sat down a few chairs away and began to read her stack of books and magazines. After about two or three hours the woman finished up her reading, and turned Mia. "Hi, you seem to really like that computer." Those were the first words to a 20 minute conversation Mia really needed to be a part of.  Sylvia, we later learned her name, has a grandson who wants her to get a computer. Sylvia resists learning this technology though she herself admits it would be a good thing. Sylvia, tells about her wonderful family, and conveys much wisdom with in minutes.

"Don't look into the past, you'll get stuck there. Look to the future, and right now, that's the way to be happy. Carry the memories with you, but don't get stuck there." 

"Don't wish how things were, or how you could have lived it differently."  

"Remember to ask people into your life, you need people. Don't settle, wait for love.  It'll happen one day you'll be looking across the room, and see that person, and you'll know, just wait... you'll see, I'm right."

"Know who you are, and stick with it. You can't go wrong if you stick to what is true to you."

Sylvia said so much more, but those are the only ones I can remember right now. She added this wisdom and insight easily and comfortable into her conversation. She has a wonderful spirit, tender nature and an ease about her.  She spoke about her children, grandson, and deceased husband (gone 12 years) with such love I couldn't help but love them too.

Sylvia asked about Mia and I, we told her about our trip & what we were doing.  Sylvia then said words she couldn't have known Mia needed to hear:

"Keep doing what you're doing. It's important, people care and are listening. You need to complete this, don't lose heart. Keep going." 

Mia has been struggling with some home (family) sickness. Mia, misses them. She LOVES seeing everyone and catching up with people she hasn't seen in years, and she misses hugs from her family. It's been a struggle Mia has been struggling with for a couple weeks now. That and feeling like no one was reading, caring, or following anyway.  Something about this stranger saying it's important, and people are listening seemed more reassuring than logically possible.  There's no way for Sylvia to know this, she doesn't even have a computer, to follow along herself. But STILL something about her saying it, renewed Mia's faith that being out here is a good thing, and really whether others are "listening" or not.

It's important to Mia, important; as Sylvia said "Know who you are, and stick with it".

Mia agrees she wants to know who she is, and she will stick with it.

The Food Network

2010-09-14 maine Becky's diner

I'm sure what I'm about to say is 100% not true!  But it's funny to think/ kid around about.  I think Mia and Guy (from Food Network) as psychically linked.  Mia has taken me into about 6 different Diners/ Dives that Guy has recently been too.  Most of them haven't even aired yet on the Food Network! But Mia keeps seeing Guy's Face in places we go to.  They are delicious places and we think Guy is pretty smart too  :)

Above is the link to my photo album.
Below is the link to Guy's Food Network site.

9-14-10 - Inspired by Commitment and Dedication

Tonight Mia & I went and hung out at Bentley's Biker Bar, in Maine, they had a cruise in with lots of wonderful cars.  We ate some delicious barbecue and enjoyed relaxing. While we were there we met brothers Rine' (pronounced Rainey) and Raymond. Raymond had a fresh tattoo on his arm, the IAFF Symbol  (International Association of Fire Fighters) these brothers had been Firefighters for over 25 years. 
From 2010-09-14 bentley in maine

Raymond (on the right of photo) joined the force when his younger brother (on the left of photo) told him about the great benefits and pay. This is not something I normally think of when it comes to firefighters, I think about the harm and danger they face. Raymond, at age 31 joined his brother Rine', then 21, on the local force. Rine' said when they joined the local firehouse there was about 3000 calls a year, and now the current number of calls is closer to 1000 a year. I wondered why it was such a dramatic drop was it because people were more careful, or because of more modern building materials in homes.  Rine' confirmed that those were probably good reasons, but also because modern heaters and stoves were no longer wood burning that's where he saw the biggest change.  He said most fires today, in their area, were forest fires and arsons, and that most of the calls were to assistant local law enforcement and ambulance services. 

My favorite part about listening to these brothers tell their stories was hearing commitment and dedication these men had to their community, jobs, and each other. I could tell these two had helped each other through many good and bad times, mid story they'd look at each other to confirm facts or to pass the baton of who was speaking. They'd both been retired a few years, and still felt so dedicated to their roots that Raymond had gone and gotten his beloved new tattoo and they were both out celebrating this new accessory.

I loved talking to them for the 20 or so minutes Mia and I sat there, and look forward to meeting more men like these two wonderful brothers.

To see pics from the car show follow this link:

2010-09-14 bentley in maine


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9-13-10 - Light houses and Maine

Maine is beautiful and if you love the ocean it's a great place for you!

I loved the Lighthouses!

Monday, September 13, 2010

9-11-10 - Lumberjacks

He cut 3 slices in less than 4.25 seconds!!!

On Saturday I had the opportunity to see a Lumberjack Competition. I never dreamed I would get an opportunity like this one!  It was held at the beautiful Balsams Grand Resort in Dixville Notch, NH.  It was a two day competition and festival. I only got to attend the first day which activities included

-Axe Throw
-Two-Person Crosscut Board
-Jack & Jill Crosscut
-Underhand Chop
-Bow Saw
-Obstacle pole buck
-One man crosscut

Chainsaw Events:

-Open Class
-Stock Appearing
-Stock Saw Provided

It was very exciting, watching all the men and women compete for the cash prizes.  There was a Canadian sports channel there getting footage for programs to run in November.  Mia and I arrived about 9 am and stayed till about 5 pm, with competitions still running. We were exhausted and didn't think we could stay any longer since we had a 5 hour drive to our next place to stay.

Through out the day there were 74 axe throwing participants coming and going at the target, they all had to have their throws in by 2:00pm so the judges could tally all the scores. At about 3pm the top three throwers competed against each other for the $1000 prize. It was very exciting to get to see them throw!    

Of course besides all the exciting Lumberjack events I got my regular does of loving and cuddling in!  I got lots of attention from all the kids & even some men in uniform.  I love giving back my appreciation to those men with cuddles from me. 

9-8-10 - Wens New Hampshire

I've spent the last two days in the mountains of New Hampshire it is beautiful even beyond words.  It is a must see!  Mt. Washington, Conway & North Conway, the Flumes and so much more!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

9-6-10- Monday - Labor Day!

What a delicious day!  
Pancakes &Maple syrup!
Is there anything better?

From 2010-09-08 nashua, NH Parker's Maple


I was taken to the Parker's Maple Barn today for Lunch/ Breakfast.  What a treat!  This restaurant has been a family run business for the past 50 years. During March and April  you can watch them make Maple syrup over fire in their Sugar House.  I obviously didn't get to see this process, it looks very laborious. Even with a big task every spring I loved their attitude:

From 2010-09-08 nashua, NH Parker's Maple

Besides the yummy food, there is also a two story gift shop, and trails through the woods.  There is plenty of time to explore all of these things, since the average wait for a table is an hour.  But it is a fun experience, and that's why you go there is for the memories (and AMAZING SYRUP!)

From 2010-09-08 nashua, NH Parker's Maple
The shopkeepers were very sweet to me. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9-5-10 - Sunday - Inspired by Everyman

Today was a low key day. We drove about 90 minutes up the east side of New Hampshire, we were headed to a friend's home for lunch. It was a lovely visit about 4 hours of catching up and reminiscing.

When it was time to leave Mia and I headed out to the car. On our way there we met Tyler and his dog Gooseman (I think that's what he was called himself), Gooseman was out for a walk. He is a wonderfully spirited mastiff, so friendly.  I'm not sure but I think he weighted 2 tons (Mia says probably about 150 lbs) but when I met him he seemed like a semi truck to me! (remember I'm only 2.5 lbs!!!)  Tyler and Mia got to talking so I requested to go to the car so I could sleep.  

Mia talked to Gooseman's human, Tyler, for about 30 minutes.  He asked all kinds of questions about my trip and why I would be doing this kind of thing.  He didn't seem to understand that I wanted to go around the country and meet people.  He didn't seem to understand that I am not sponsored by a company & no one is paying me to be out here on the open road.  Mia explained to him our mission, to meet the people of the USA, to see the magnificence that is human.  Tyler said he didn't understand the trip, because he didn't believe all people have something wonderful inside them. He didn't think he was special.

As I said they spoke for about 30 minutes, and parted ways because Mia knew I was expected by people very soon. 

Mia (& I) saw in this man something he himself did not see. That he is special. Mia told me about Tyler as we drove in the car, I too saw how special he is:

In the town where Tyler lives he works for the Water Company.  In this particular plant they take water from the nature streams and rivers and make sure the water is drinkable for approximatively 13,000 people. On a daily basis Tyler and his crew make sure all these homes have usable water, for cooking, bathing, cleaning or just drinking.  

That's a huge job and without someone taking pride in their work like Tyler does, we wouldn't have safe water pouring out of our taps.  I know I appreciate Tyler & and work he does. It may not be a fancy job, or a job out in the public eye, but it is an important job. Any job done well is a job to be proud of.

Thank you Tyler, for doing the job you do.  You and everyone like you is a blessing to us (the rest of humanity) and can have a future abounding with possibilities.  Reach into your future and celebrate!

9-4-10-0 Saturday - Strawbery Bankes

From 2010-09-04 nashua, NH & strawbery bank
Strawbery Bankes is now a museum, it was a neighborhood in the mid to late 1600's.  It is situated in the town of Portsmouth, NH; a quaint tourist town near the coastline.  Side trivia: New Hampshire has the shortest coast line of all the states it is only 190 miles.

Strawbery Bankes Museum was incorporated in 1958, it consists of 37 historical structures, 20 of which are restored and interpreted to reflect various aspects of life from 1653-1958. Several of the other homes are windows into construction methods and materials from 1600's - 1900's.

Many of the buildings had either role players, or volunteers at them, to answer questions and give back ground information on each structure. The oldest home was originally built in the mid 1600's.
From 2010-09-04 nashua, NH & strawbery bank

During the different seasons this museum has special presentations that are fitting for the time periods.  The cooks work with authentic tools over open fires,using seasonal treats.  In the fall there is night time strolls with ghost stories, during the summer there are 8 gardens on site including a victory garden.

From 2010-09-04 nashua, NH & strawbery bank

For more information please visit their website at http://www.strawberybanke.org/

And to see more pictures for our visit please follow this link:
2010-09-04 nashua, NH & strawbery bank

9-3-10 - Friday - America's Stonehenge

 America's Stonehenge:

It is believed to be the oldest man-made structure in the US, assumed to be over 4000 years old.  It appears as a maze of stone structures, many believe it was a ceremonial meeting place.  It has been determined that America's Stonehenge is an accurate astronomical calendar.

From 2010-09-03 Aug 30 sept 2 2010 NY VT NH

In the 1800's this site became one of the safe house for the underground railroad. A Family called Pattee, built their home on this site (then called Mystery Hill), Mr. Pattee was believed to be very active in the underground railroad. The Ankle shackles that were discovered on this site are now in the museum. 

From 2010-09-03 Aug 30 sept 2 2010 NY VT NH

In the 1950's the site was named and opened to the public, today many visitors enjoy America's Stonehenge and the surrounding woods. There are discovery areas leading down the path towards all the stone structures, where all ages can discover how to search for clues about this ancient place.  It was a very pleasant walk through the woods and takes about an hour and a half for people wanting to travel back in time. 
Website Link:   http://www.stonehengeusa.com/

From 2010-09-03 Aug 30 sept 2 2010 NY VT NH

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's fixed!

Sorry about that Everyone, I am "just" a dog after all!  

I didn't realize the comments were disabled on this blog. 
 I think the problem is fixed now!  

Please leave comments!!!

I love the feed back :)

9-2-10- Thursday - Peace, Love and Icecream

Ben & Jerry's Ice cream.... mmmmmmmmmmm.....

And besides delicious ice cream they have an a terrific mission statement.  They use local products, to their VT factory when ever possible. The factory itself is very green.  Here is their Mission Statement right off their website:


Straight from their website:   

We have a progressive, nonpartisan social mission that seeks to meet human needs and eliminate injustices in our local, national and international communities by integrating these concerns into our day-to-day business activities. Our focus is on children and families, the environment and sustainable agriculture on family farms.

  • Capitalism and the wealth it produces do not create opportunity for everyone equally. We recognize that the gap between the rich and the poor is wider than at any time since the 1920’s. We strive to create economic opportunities for those who have been denied them and to advance new models of economic justice that are sustainable and replicable.
  • By definition, the manufacturing of products creates waste. We strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment.
  • The growing of food is overly reliant on the use of toxic chemicals and other methods that are unsustainable. We support sustainable and safe methods of food production that reduce environmental degradation, maintain the productivity of the land over time, and support the economic viability of family farms and rural communities.
  • We seek and support nonviolent ways to achieve peace and justice. We believe government resources are more productively used in meeting human needs than in building and maintaining weapons systems.
  • We strive to show a deep respect for human beings inside and outside our company and for the communities in which they live.

I find this very refreshing for a company.  I believe Ben & Jerry's shows it's possible to care about how your company effects the world and still have a successful company.

I am not a huge ice cream eater, but in the future I think I'll look for Ben and Jerry's or another LOCAL company to have.

Do you think about how your products are made?

And what's your favorite ice cream?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

9-1-10 - Wednesday - Thoughts

Mia thought it would be a good idea to do a "wrap up" or a "how things are going" blog once a month.  I agreed and I thought give or take the first of every month I'll do just that.  I'm not sure though what to say or what would be interesting to YOU!  So please let me know what you'd like to hear about and I'll accommodated where I can, this blog is about you, me & the connection you have to who I'm meeting and the places I see.

I had such a great time this past month, even if that's all I did it was tons! But I do look forward to seeing what's next and who I connect with in the next month.

Commonly asked Questions:

What States have you done?

This past month: Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York

What have you seen?

We started off in North Michigan near Mackinac Island, headed to Tipp City and then Detroit. In Ohio we saw Dayton, Columbus, Zanesville then we headed into West Virgina.  Where plans fell apart because we got so lost!  So onward to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where we stayed for almost 2 full weeks.  While in PA we say Falling Water, went canoeing, hiking, to Phipps Conservatory, Cathedral of Learning and so much more.  We then headed north to Buffalo, NY & Niagara falls.

What's been your favorite?

Niagara Falls was relaxing and beautiful, the Frank Lloyd Wright homes are inspiring and timeless, North Michigan is gorgeous & perfect for vacations or weekend get aways, Columbus was warm and inviting.

What's been the hardest or least favorite thing so far?

So far the heat of summer has been the hardest thing, I expected by going north it would help drop the temperature.  No such luck as of Sept 1st!  I know it will have to break soon since Xmas is on it's way!

What's next?

The next states are: Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine


If you have any questions you'd like me to answer please let me know & I'll add them into the mix.  Also please feel free to ask if you want more in depth answers.

Some things I'd thought about but wasn't sure if people would want to know: mileage traveled, gallons of gas used, and day to day "getting by" ie: laundry, camping nights


This next month I'm going to be practicing the skills of staying in the present moment, and connecting with people as I meet them.  I'm also practicing being inspired by the small things, the everyday & common things of life. Will you practice with me?

8-31-10- Tuesday - Being Ageless

Today we went to the Carrousel Museum, I thought Mia was crazy for even thinking this would be fun, but I was wrong, IT WAS FUN!


When we first entered this 7 building complex, we were the only one's in there.  We looked at all the displays for  a little over an hour & took tons of pictures!  The horses were beautiful and the craftsmanship was magnificent. With the purchase of admission you get a free ride on a Carrousel, so Mia and I were ready for our ride and went in to check out the ride. While we were in there, asking questions and learning from the man running the machine a tour bus pulled up.

After the tour bus unloaded and all the passengers were inside the museum, they headed straight for the carrousel for their rides.  There were almost 50 senior citizens wanting a ride on this carrousel!  I decided Mia and I would wait and let one of them have our horse.


So blessed this group showed up.  Mia talked to many of the people that decided not to ride, and found out this group was from IOWA.  Apparently Iowa is the leading Corn producer in the USA.  This lovely group of people are traveling across the USA seeing sites.  What a wonderful blessing to see so many people enjoying life & traveling together.  It was fun seeing all of them riding the carrousel and enjoying it with the bliss and ease that only comes with being ageless.

And that is what truly inspired me today.  The shear joy on their faces as they were transported back to childhood, or even just enjoying the ride.  Mia didn't stop smile for several more hours after that, thinking about how wonderful, to just enjoy the moment, to enjoy the ride and to appreciate it all while it's happening.

Enjoy this movie and see more pictures through the link below:

Link to online photos:

2010-09-01 Buffalo, NY

8-30-10- Monday - Niagara Falls

There is nothing more to say.
Just go. 
You'll love it!

8-28-10 - Saturday - Frank Lloyd Wright

Today we went and saw "Falling Water" a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home.  For those of you that don't know who he is here's a bit of history.


Frank Lloyd Wright was known as an American architect, not just an American architect, but in 1991 he was declared the greatest American architect of all time by American Institute of Architects.  He designed not only buildings, but also; furniture, stained glass, and wrote books.  He believed in designing homes where you felt connected to nature.


There are no pictures from the Falling Water tour posted because it isn't allowed, all photos are for personal use only. But I wanted to tell you about Frank Lloyd Wright and his buildings because Mia bought a year pass to go into 15 of his buildings for free.  So through out the year, I'll mention seeing different places, and when I can I'll post pictures.

But for now here's a list of where we'll be going and website links for those of you interested in seeing more.

Falling Water:  Mill Run, PA http://www.fallingwater.org/

Darwin D. Martin House Complex: Buffalo, NY http://www.darwinmartinhouse.org/

The Zimmerman House: Manchester, NH http://www.currier.org/

The Westcott House: Springfield, OH http://www.westcotthouse.org/

The Kraus House: ST. Louis, MO http://www.ebsworthpark.org/

Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio: Oak Park, IL http://www.gowright.org/

Robie House: Chicago, IL http://www.gowright.org/

The  Gordon House: Silverton, OR http://www.thegordonhouse.org/

HollyHock House: Los Angeles, CA http://www.hollyhockhouse.net/

Price Tower: Bartlesville, OK  http://www.pricetower.org/

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: NYC, NY http://www.guggenheim.org/

The Stockman House: Mason City, Iowa http://www.stockmanhouse.org/

Taliesin: Spring Green, WI http://www.taliesinpreservation.org/

Taliesin West: Scottsdale, AZ http://www.franklloydwright.org/fllwf_web_091104/Home.html

8-29-10 - Sunday - Canoeing - South West PA

I'm a rugged outdoors man! What? You don't believe me?

Just look at my boots, a great boot for any outdoors man.

Ok so maybe I'm not a hunting dog, but I do enjoy a few days out in nature here and there.

Today, Mia took me canoeing with a friend of hers. We went down the river for 4 hours.

It was a pleasant trip, most of the time the current kept us moving so Mia & her friend mainly just had to steer.  There were a few times some serious paddling had to occur, but on the whole it was an easy afternoon. Basking in the sun, looking for fish, enjoying the ride were my main activities.  I did go in for a dip a couple times to cool off, and once when I was looking over the side at fish, I lost my footing and fell in.  I was safe since I can swim and Mia had my leash around her wrist so she pulled me right back in.

This is a picture of me right before I fell in.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

8-27-10 - Friday -

Today I went to the Phipps conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was beautiful.  It felt like they had about 25 different rooms, buildings and displays!  This place is HUGE! It was also beautiful (below is a link to the photos Mia took there for me).

After the Conservatory we saw a merry go round down the street, so we went to ride it.  I really enjoyed being up so high and having the breeze on my face.  I just love getting to be outside. :)

      <-  This is me at the children's area of the Conservatory.
Here's the website to the Conservatory if you want more information:   http://phipps.conservatory.org/

And Here is the link to my photo album on line!  

2010-08-27 Pittsburgh, conservatory

8-26-10- Thursday - Hiking & Health

Today I went hiking at McConnell's Mill in PA.  Mia & a friend of hers took me on a small be challenging hike.  What I realized today on this walk, is I don't exercise enough.  Mia takes me on short walks most days but my little legs are so short I don't tend to go far. Not because I can't go further, but because I use this as an excuse to be lazy.

Mia likes to walk through the woods, and along nature paths.  So today at McConnell's Mill that's what we did.  I must admit I had fun, and really enjoyed climbing over logs and rocks to keep up.   Sometimes Mia takes a path I can not, so I either have to find another way around, or ask her to pick me up for a little while.

I also enjoy finding fun new spots.... Like this mill stone, there were several along the side of our path, so we stopped for some photos.  I can always fit in the tiniest of spaces. :)

As a dog, I think this is true of most dogs, I am a curious fellow, I do enjoy discovering new places and seeing "what's in there".

So I guess this is the attitude I might want to take on daily, for my exercising.  An attitude of curiosity, excitement and a since of adventure; even if it is "just a walk around the block".

How do you stay motivated to exercise?

Friday, September 3, 2010

8-25-10 - Wensday - Salon Nolan

On this day Mia wanted to get her hair done, so she found this local shop.  When we went in she met Stephanie, the owner and solo stylist of this cute little shop called "Salon Nolan".  Mia introduced me to Stephanie, told her about my trip, and she was immediately inspired by our mission. As I'm talking to Stephanie, I to become inspired:

In the local area of Pittsburgh, there is an organization called Dress for Success, I believe it is other places too.  http://www.dressforsuccess.org  The mission of Dress for Success is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.  And Stephanie wants to help too, she is going to be volunteering her serves to these women. To provide them with great hair styles & tips to make it easy to maintain a professional look.

Now what I found so wonderful about Stephanie & her plan is.  She's a young woman wanting to give back, she's just starting her own career & still sees the opportunity to help others.  She sees that giving back to the community & helping others will not hurt her business.  That even though she's giving away something she could charge for she's making the world a better place one person at a time.

How could you use your skills to help others?