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My human, Mia, has been working so hard. She is so inspired by my plan. My plan is to go all over the United States meeting new and wonderful people, to share their stories, and to find the connection between all people. Mia is so wonderful, and I want to meet more wonderful humans like her.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union

Mia has a friend living in South Korea, she writes a wonderful blog about her experiences over there.  Today she posted about Obama's State of the Union address last night.  I wanted to share her post with you.

I just finished watching President Obama’s second State of the Union address in which he mentioned South Korea four times. The only other country he mentioned as many times was China. This says to me that Mr. Obama takes South Korea very seriously. And why shouldn’t he? Not only are they a freshly minted economic powerhouse, but they got themselves to this point in just 60 years.
Seoul 1953
At the end of the Korean War, South Korea didn’t look terribly different from modern day Afghanistan. It was a mountainous, war torn place. Not just the Korean War’s effects but the recent Japanese occupancy left the country burnt, bombed, depopulated and undereducated.
In just three generations, they have picked themselves up and built what is arguably the best education system in the world. They have started companies like Samsung, Hyundai, and LG. They’ve taught an entire generation of students the English language. All this, while the North looms above making progress difficult.
The key to this success is South Korea’s diligent investment in education. The best educated students in the world are here in South Korea. These kids wake up, go to school, go to hagwons and then go home and do homework and then go to bed to repeat. They go to school every other Saturday and their summer vacation is one month long, a vacation that they spend at English or science camp. This is a people who do not mess around when it comes to school.
What a difference 57 years makes
If they can do all this, we can build a better America. South Korea is an example to the world for self improvement. They have a successful blue print of how to build a vibrant nation. America prides itself on a can do attitude. There is not a more can do nation on Earth than South Korea.

If you enjoyed this... her website is ihardlyknowwon.wordpress.com

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Opryland Hotel

Opryland Hotel Cascades Room

Mia and I went to Nashville after visiting Knoxville. While we were in Nashville we went to the Opryland Hotel and Resorts.

For those of you that have never been there it is breath taking.

Mia and I had hoped to get to see the Grand Ole Opry but that didn't work out, so we focused our time on the Hotel. I wasn't disappointed.

Nashville had a MAJOR flood this past year.

Many people don't know about the flood. The following video shows what Nashville experienced.

Towards the end of the video they show some of the inside of Opryland Hotel and the damage it took. The flood happened in May and right before Christmas displays were supposed to be going up they weren't sure it was going to happen. For many people in Nashville that is a tradition to go and walk through the Christmas displays at the hotel. As you can see from the picture above they did pull off the display.
Most of it was down by the time we went through and I suspect all of it was down by the next week since Mia and I were there about a week ago, the middle of January.

I'm glad Nashville is recovering so quickly from the flooding, and I'm sure there are many areas of town still in repair. I know the Opry Mills Mall is still closed down. All of the places Mia and I went looked "back to normal" and we had a great time in Nashville.

Women's Sufferage

First Monument to Women's suffrage I've ever noticed! And I'm sure that is my own blindness.

Have you ever noticed one before?

I appreciate what these women did for Equal Rights, I think I'm going to have to do some reading about the movement.  When I did some light research after seeing this statue I was reminded Women's suffrage was/ is a fight all over the world not just the USA.

It's easy to forget "our" history is also "the world's" history too. (and visa versa of course)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Having a life where you have it all

I saw this video today and loved what Nigel had to say about balancing Work life and Home life. In less then 10 minutes he gives some sound and simple advice. And if we follow his ideas, we will change the face of the world.

Ironically enough Mia agreed to this trip with me because she says Family and Friends are important and wanted to live that way. She saw this year as an opportunity to realign her priorities.  Funny Nigel did the same thing in his own way.  I know Mia enjoyed hearing what Nigel had to say & looks forward to finding that balance when we return from this year.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Food not Bombs

While in Knoxville walking through Market square area, I noticed this table. 
 So of course I had to go up and ask...

Food Not Bombs is an organization that started in Boston in 1980 by eight friends. It is now an organization dedicated to showing the public how to focus resources in an effort to end hunger, homelessness, they are also promoting peace and ending the destruction on the environment. Food not Bombs is focused on using up the wasted food, they feed vegetarian meals to anyone wanting to eat. Many of the Food not Bombs groups set up at protests, conventions, rallies. Food not Bombs estimates it has chapters in 500 US cities.
In Knoxville they set up once a week, every Saturday at 2:30pm in Krutch Park, near Market Square.
 They are always in need of volunteers & all food served is donated. 

If you are interested in more information about Food not Bombs go HERE, if it's Knoxville specific information go HERE.  

This video was produced by the Chattanooga Food not Bombs group

Weather..... YOU southererns, you're so silly!

One day we were out sight seeing and wanted to go by the visitor's center for some information.
When we got there this sign was posted on the door.
Now I agree if it is unsafe to be out... don't drive 100% agreed.
The Road from the visitor's center....  obviously clear.

OH You Silly Southerners, cold outside does not mean "bad weather".

(This is posted in complete fun. Obviously only drive when you feel safe. 
And it is a little frustrating for the northern tourist too.)

Knoxville, TN

SO here we are in Knoxville

The Sunsphere was originally built for the World's fair in 1982.  It is now a great place to see the city of Knoxville for free.

It is located next to the convention center and though one of the tallest structures in Knoxville, it is in fact located on one of the lowest points in Knoxville. So it does not tower over the city.

This is the view from inside ----------->

Besides seeing the Sunsphere we also went to the Market Square, Visitor Center & walked around downtown quite a bit.

I saw several things in Knoxville I loved.... Food for Bombs & the Women's Suffrage Statue are two of those things that are getting their own blog postings.
It's 2011... the tree is still up.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank you Melanie

Laughter Yoga writes about Mia and me! LINK

Thank you Melanie for your support!

Jan 4th - Louisville, KY

There is so much to do in Louisville, KY! I only got to do a few things while I was in town:

6 story tall bat!

Slugger Musuem / Factory tour

I took the Factory Tour where they make the wooden bats for the pros!  I'm not a baseball fan, it was fun though to learn about how the bats are made and how they've changed over the years.

Joe Ley's antique shop

This shop was a ton of fun! It is 4 stories of "you name it" plus an outside courtyard area and a "warehouse"
If they don't have it - IT probably doesn't exist! Mia and I had so much fun here with the FUN HOUSE mirrors, Caskets, life size statues of Laurel and Hardy!

Amazing restaurants

This area is on 4th street.  It used to be a Mall.... and they took the building away (kind of). and made it into an interesting outdoor dining and tourist space.

Of course Horse racing & the Derby - Mia and I didn't even do one thing related to HORSES!! We just didn't have time!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Get to

On Wednesday in Louisville I heard all about this amazing woman, Denise Taylor. She has a message she spreads for her daughter, Jonnae. Jonnae lost her three year battle with cancer about a year ago. Jonnae had an interesting perspective on life, instead of saying "I Have to..." she's say "I Get to...". Changing just this one small word in her vocabulary changed the way she interacted with the world.

Jonnae didn't HAVE to have Chemo, she GOT to have Chemo. Denise didn't HAVE to bury her daughter, she GOT to release her daughter into heaven.

Even on a basic day to day level:
I get to go to work.
I get to talk to my mom/ dad/ spouse/ teacher/ boss. (fill in the blank)
I get to go exercise.
I get to eat healthy.
I get to clean my room.
Do you hear the difference?

It is so easy to forget how powerful langue is. I think I'll be focusing on this practice. 
That I GET to do things, not HAVE to do them. Will you join me?

Also when Jonnae was sick, her and her mom started a tradition: every Wednesday they would dress up silly.
They called it WACKY WEDNESDAY. 
 They'd black out teeth, dress in funny clothes, do their hair weird whatever would be wacky for that day!  It was a day dedicated to FUN.

Jonnae was bringing joy to those around her and her mom is continuing the legacy. Every Wednesday you'll find Denise with some volunteers at the Children's hospital passing out fun & wacky items to the kids & staff. Bringing joy back into these families lives and helping them remember life is fun!
Denise pushes around a large cart of items; masks, hats, glasses, wands, wigs.... You name it this woman probably has it! She gives the items for free.

Denise spends her entire day running errands in her WACKY attire! She wants to spread the message of FUN to everyone. She hopes to remind people of the Joy of living & She hopes people will join her everywhere in this tradition.

Trying not to smile while being wacky is HARD!

You might say this woman takes Wacky very seriously! HA!

If you want to know more about Denise, Jonnae, "We Get to", or Wacky Wednesday please see her WEBSITE.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food Network- Louisville, KY

French Toast
Seems my trailing of the Food Network continues... This week I ended up at Lynn's Paradise Cafe! It was wonderful!

Two Dishes were featured on the Throw Down with Bobby Flay show.

The French Toast and the Farm House Breakfast were the two listed.

They were terrific & HUGE!

Fried Green Tomatoes sandwich
Lynn's had a great atmosphere, made for fun! Their gift shop can take an hour alone! Filled with tons of fun stuff.

If you're just driving through town or stopping for an over night
 I STRONGLY recommend Lynn's!

Kentucky Farmhouse Scramble
"Hot Brown" a Louisville tradition

Friday, January 7, 2011

Laughter Yoga

I've had MANY unique and wonderful opportunities to try new things on this trip! Tonight thought Jan 4th is I think a landmark even amongst those!
Tonight I went to Laughter Yoga.
Melanie with founder Dr. Kataria
I'm sure you're wondering what on earth is Laughter Yoga. To give you the quick facts: it was developed in 1995 by Dr. Kataria in India. Laughter Yoga combines laughing with Yogic Breathing. To give you the health benefits from being happy & getting proper oxygen through out your whole body.

Now here's what it was like:

Since I can not laugh, Mia had to do the class for me. It last about an hour long with about 30+ minutes of that being the active part of Laughter Yoga, about 20 was introductions & explanation about Laughter Yoga and the last 10 was odds & ends at the end of class.  

The leader, Melanie, would instructed us on the technique we'd be using. Sometimes we'd laugh with our whole bodies, sometimes laughing with a greeting, or laughing silently.  The whole thing was about breathing, connecting to other class mates, and having fun. Mia said she could tell in her mid section she'd worked out her abdomen muscles. Mia's friend had gone with her - Mia's friend was up till almost 2 am with the giggles! Some big fun & joy were brought into her life! Mia wasn't effected to that level but she did have a great time & thinks it would be fun to try again.

The Yoga was held in the Rainbow Center it is a space where they also hold many interesting community events.

For more information check out these sites:
International Laughter Yoga
Melanie's Website
Rainbow Center

Happy New Year!!

It's 2011 and I feel like I should have something to say, and I'm not sure I do.
I think it's because for me when we took off in Aug I started a "new year" then.
I have made "resolutions" since then & continue to grow in this way each month. 
So I think for now, I'll just say Happy 2011 Everyone!
I hope this year brings you MANY Adventures!
And when I'm done with "MY" year...
 I'll make new resolutions then about the future,
 for now I'll keep to my monthly and daily commitments.

December Wrap up

WOW!! 5 months down 7 to go!
Here's the link to August's wrap up if you missed it :) LINK 
Here's the link to September's wrap up if you missed it :) LINK
Here's the link to October's wrap up if you missed it :) LINK
Here's the link to November's wrap up if you  missed it :) LINK

I'm now 42% of the time done with the trip!!  5 months done 7 to go.
I've done 42% of the states (20 out of 48)

Commonly asked questions
What states did you do in the month of November  Georgia,Florida, Alabama

How many states are done in total? 20     Go HERE for the list and to see a map of all the cities I've visited.

What's been your favorite (in DEC)?  I   strangers are just friends you haven't met yet, savoring food is an art & social event, sometimes being the "most" isn't all it's cracked up to be! (Key West)

Trivia I learned about myself this month: Mia learned this month! She learned to Listen, about Forgiveness, and the Generosity of others. 

What's been the hardest or least favorite this month? These are the things people could think of as hard, I didn't view them this way: I got sick & The car broke down. However for me the hardest thing was probably coming back onto the road after our Christmas break. We'd gotten into a rhythm of traveling and going home was wonderful too. Getting back into the mindset for organizing and planning  as we are moving along has come back to me slower than I'd expected.

What's next? Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Lousianna

If you have any other questions or want more in depth answers please feel free to ask :)

This next month I'm continuing to practice the skills of staying in the present moment, and connecting with people as I meet them.  I'm also practicing being inspired by the small things, the everyday and common things of life. 

I am adding to my practice: Exercise, Healthier Eating, Acceptance of all people.
Will you practice with me?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Montgomery, AL - The forgiving soul

While in Montgomery we went to the Civil Rights Memorial. If you ever go, even just driving through, you gotta stop in it costs $2 will take a minimum of 40 minutes and WELL WORTH it! After you watch a video about the Civil Rights movement of the 1950's & 1960's you go through an area about modern day Civil Rights.

This area was very eye opening and confronting for Mia. Seeing all the ways people's civil rights are taken away still was a bit shocking when you put it all together in one area.  It's not like we didn't know each were taking place, we just hadn't thought about how it all added up to = TONS of Civil rights being restricted or ignored. And so much hatred towards those people.
The last room of the memorial is pitch black besides one wall that is a bunch of names scrolling down the wall. And on one wall is a promise to stand against any civil rights oppression we'd see. Mia wanted to add her name to the wall for the both of us.

After seeing the memorial we went to take pictures of the church where Martin Luther King spoke.  While Mia was taking pictures of it, a construction worker came up and started talking to us. A very friendly man asking about where we were from and what we thought of the church.

After talking to him for a few minutes we found out we were not just talking to a construction worker but also the Assistant Reverend at a Baptist Church.  I still feel really bad I forgot to write down his name & I have now forgotten it. However even with this one detail missing about this man, he will still be written about today.

The conversation started with small talk about the church and I said I was very much so enjoying the church, that I'd also just come from the Civil Rights Museum.  I told him about how moving it was and that I felt like everyone should see it. Mia, always the one willing to jump right into the tough topics, decides to ask this lovely man about something she'd heard.

Over the weekend Mia and I learned that MLK day (in Jan) is also Robert E. Lee day. That both men are celebrated on the same day in 3 states (AL, AR, MS). Mia was greatly offended when she heard about this and didn't understand why this to polar ideals had to be celebrated on the same day.
So Mia being Mia said, "May I ask you a potentially volatile question?" This man, whom we didn't know yet was a reverend, said, "yes".  So Mia asked, Is it true and what do you think about it? I can't remember his exact words something along the lines of "yeah, ain't it a kick in the pants" is how he started his answer but the end of his answer was where he truly stood....
He changed Mia's heart.
He was raised in Montgomery, lived there his whole life. He has seen much change in the attitude of the city, and he's sense the next generation of KKK members being brought up. Every day is an opportunity to pray to God for patience and to pray to God to bless those that are his enemy.  He tells of a man, on his current work site, that runs the mixer once a week. He tells of how this man is a KKK member and holds back no racial slur from him or any other minority on staff there. I asked him how he does it, puts up with this... His answer was, we are of one family, of one love, God will guide me and blesses me.  The Reverend talks about how one day he said to the man, "I'd give you the shoes off my feet if you needed them." The old man said "I'd burn the shoes." The Reverend's response "Then we'd both be barefoot and I'd still give you my shoes"

The Reverend was not boasting in his speech, he was a very humble man, speaking about God as someone that walks beside him and guides him through life. He also spoke of several hardships he'd had through his life & how he's overcome them.

This man, a black man from Alabama working hard to make ends meet, married and with a family had every reason in the world to be ANGRY! And he might be, but he's choosing to "fight" the way things are with understanding, grace, patience, thoughtfulness.
Wow, what an impact he had on Mia.
 "Thank you, Reverend, though I may not hold the same spiritual beliefs you do.
 I am awed by you and respect you for how you choose to stand. 
Thank you for what you personally do everyday in the name of civil rights" ~Mia

This also makes me think of the Bob Marley song:

Listen to Others as the Speak

Mia has something to say:

Hi Everybody! It's a pretty rare occasion when I write a blog, I tend to leave the blog writing to Taco. I feel more comfortable behind the camera & driving the car. However today I want to write about somethings that's I've noticed.

People aren't listening. Truly Listening.

I'm amazed when I stand back and just listen to what's going on around me at what I hear and observe.

In Central Park Taco & I were walking through a pasture.  I was focused on walking from my point A to my point B when I realized I wasn't paying any attention. I decided to stop and just listen, of course there were people around me. What I could hear was the sound of people connecting. There was a couple playing the guitar together, and a group of men playing sports, several gatherings of people chit chatting about life.

Then in Salem, Mass I was in a Coffee shop waiting on Taco to finish blogging, when I had the opportunity to ease drop on a couple talking.  They were reconciling after a fight, apparently a very big fight, since it sounded like they had dated and were now working on being friends. What I could hear besides the words they were saying how much they cared for the other's well being & wanted to have each other in their lives.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL brought the opportunity for me to hear the loneliness in another voice, as he talked about missing his deceased wife. He was talking about how she'd prepared the Christmas decorations and packed them away every year so they only had to be pulled out of boxes and places out. Trees already decorated and everything! He never once said the words that he still loved her and missed her, but I could hear it when I was really listening.

Over Christmas break (Taco and I took about a week off) at home with my family.  I heard both words of concern for our safety & words of excitement (or even jealousy) for what we were getting to do this year. I also heard love, though mainly unspoken. I know no matter what was being said no matter what, they were all saying they loved me. It was just in their own way.

I didn't start this trip with Taco  thinking I'd learn much, especially not about how I listen to the world.  I really thought this trip was about Taco and his desire to meet people.  Little did I know the impact it would have on me.

I encourage you today to start the practice of "really" listening. Hearing not only the words coming from the person but also their intent behind those words.

I wonder if we all focused on the intent of our words & the intent of other's words if we'd all get along easier. Cause when I listen one on one I tend to hear: Love, Affinity, Acceptance.

Generosity of others

While we were in South Florida we received a care package from Sassafras Bakery. The owner of this fantastic bakery is an amazing young woman with a heart of gold. AJ, the owner, started her made-from-scratch bakery after 10 successful years as a graphic designer. This woman is chock-full of talent and heart. She free hand designs ordered by customers and she donates back to local charities. The bakery is located in Columbus Ohio, and her prized goods can be found in local coffee shops & other locations too.
She even does wholesale orders.

She sent us brownies & granola bars! Mia of course shared with the friends we were staying with, and we ate on the treats for well over a week. When we started heading north for Alabama, we only had a couple granola bars and brownie left with us. We had a granola bar for breakfast & a brownie with our lunch.

About mid afternoon we stopped to get gas and that is where we met Brandy & Ed. They were sitting near a McDonalds, hanging out and visiting with each other, their sign nonchalantly leaning against Brandy's leg. Mia pulled over to shared our last granola bar and brownie with them. We of course struck up a conversation about where they were traveling from and to. They'd been on the road from over 17 months and had traveled back and forth across the US a couple of times. They seemed to allow the weather, and personal notion determine where they were going next.
Brandy said they were heading to South Florida for warmer weather, I hated to inform her we'd just come from there and it wasn't any better. The whole week we were in Miami it had been in the 40's or 50's and down into the 20's or 30's every night! Brandy & Ed didn't seem put out in the slightest about the weather, they were much more interested in the people and the places they were to see.

What an exciting time! Getting to travel the US meeting new people and seeing all kinds of places (sounds kinda familiar)  :-)

They wrote me a wonderful email &; I wanted to share it:

I really wish we would have had more time to talk with you both today. Thank you so much for the granola bars. They were delicious! Does Taco like them? Our puppy loves them! Please send us a copy of the photo if you can. Your blog is amazing! Blessed journeys to you both. It's beautiful out there sister, and I'm glad you've also choose to see it. If you get a chance to go to any Rainbow Gatherings, I hope to see you. National Gathering is over the 4th of July in Washington this year. I states know people in a few states that can help you along. Safe places to stay, and great things to see. Enjoy yourself. I'm more blessed for meeting you. Keep in touch, please.

Brandy, Ed, and Oui Dog
Punta Gorda, Florida
Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Thank you Sassafras Bakery for your generosity, Mia & I were blessed by your care package. And because of your generosity to us, we had an opportunity to be generous to others. Thank you to all AJ, Brandy & Ed for giving back to us 10 fold, I can't thank you enough for your support and generosity to Taco (my) Adventures!

For more information follow the links below:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Key West FL

The southern most point
When you think Key West you think WARM or even HOT! Well, the day trip we took was neither. Mia had me all wrapped up to keep warm & she was in layers all day & kinda wishing she had more.

On the day we choose to go to Key West is was in the mid 40's with winds at 35 MPH! It felt like in was in the 30's. That night Mia's face looked like she'd been snow skiing all day, all wind chapped.

We still had fun though! We walked around and saw the roosters, the Marinas, the most Southern point, all the Christmas lights, and ate amazing food including the Key Lime pie!

The southern most Menorah 

The southern most Christmas tree
The southern most this and the southern most that really cracked me up! As you can see above there is was a southern most menorah & tree. There was also southern most hotel, B&B, house, house with a porch, museum..... and the list goes on and on & you get the idea!  It was very funny to me everything competing for southern most.
It really did look like a tropical storm was going on around us while at the same time it was freezing like a snow storm was actually occurring.  At lunch there was a family eating near us, that had their child in a winter ski type jacket!

Mia wasn't going to be deterred because of weather though. We still saw all the normal touristy stuff & even stayed late enough in the day to drive around homes looking at Christmas light displays on people's homes. It sure didn't feel like Christmas time to me, I'm used to being north with snow in December. 

I'd recommend the keys, but probably on a warmer day!

Miami, FL

Isn't Miami Beautiful?
 When people think of Miami the think of all kinds of things, most typically being BIG CITY stuff: Skyscrapers, night life, dancing, influence from the Islands & Latino culture, cool architecture, Miami beach, movie stars, and the list could go on and on and on. 

One thing I know I never thought of when I thought of Miami was LIGHT HOUSE. 
Yup Miami has a Light house!

This was the first Lighthouse I actually climbed to the top of on this whole trip! 
Before all the Lighthouses had either been closed or had fees (I'm cheap) or it was just too cold and windy to go up (I'm slightly afraid of heights).
 But here in Miami, I went up. And it was fun & beautiful!

Now some of you might be thinking WHERE IS A LIGHTHOUSE in Miami?

 It's on Key Biscayne. There is a small fee to get on the island, but the lighthouse itself is free. The view is terrific! And if you want to spend all day you can, there is a beach & picnic area near by.
 What a wonderful and unexpected way to spend the day in Miami. 

If you're interested in more information here's the LINK

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Luck of a Car break down!

That might be an odd title "The Luck of a Car break down!" but for this day it is not.  

Mia and I did have some car trouble, and as you can see it's being repaired. (now fully repaired)

Mia and I took it in at 7am and waited in the lobby till 3pm, so as you can imagine I got quite a bit of attention & talked to tons of people.

One gentleman and I talked for quite sometime. He is fascinating. He talked about his recent trip to Greece. The way he talked about the Islands of Greece you could tell he loved being there. The views & food sounded breath taking, now I want to go so bad we might have my adventures in Greece next! The one thing he really stressed was how friendly and welcoming the Greek people were, they didn't care if he didn't speak the language they still wanted to eat and drink with him and be around. He is the kind of man you want to talk to.

He also talked about going on cruise ships and how much he enjoyed them. He will soon be going on a 1 month cruise!!! That's right I said 1 month in the ocean. It will be going across the ocean so no stops everyday to get off the boat. He talked about how he would have a balcony room so he could sit and read on the balcony. I have never been on a cruise, but it sounded like the perfect place to relax and spend time with friends.

He's been all over the world, he also talked about Vietnam travels too.

We of course discussed my trip and traveling all around the USA. We both agreed there are wonderful  places in the US, places like no others. 

We both agreed it was a shame so many people don't take the opportunity here to travel around our own country. That we have almost everything to offer and so many places of breath taking proportions.  He talked about riding a donkey into the Grand Canyon (I don't think I'll be doing that - I might spook a donkey)

One of the things about this man that surprised me, was his age.  I thought the whole time we were talking he was maybe in his 60's, but I really thought late 50's.  He is so go, go, go and high energy I just couldn't imagine him any older. Turns out he's 71, and will no plans to slow down anytime soon.

He is a huge adventurer, always going and doing. It seemed like if it was something out there to do or try he was all about it!

I discovered towards the end of our talk there is one thing he will not try (and doesn't like)... tomatoes. Tomatoes! I giggled at this because I was thinking this man of adventure, fun, good food & great people his one thing is a tomato.

I guess everyone has one thing they don't like, and you can still be an adventurer at any age.