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Friday, November 5, 2010

High Heel Race - Expansion of ideas

Maria singing "Fare well, Goodnight...."

On the Tuesday before Halloween there is a fun tradition on 17th Street NW in DC.  Men adorn High Heel Shoes and run approximatively 5 blocks. 

The race itself lasts only about 6 minutes, but the 3 hours before the race is where all the fun takes place. The runners don't just wear high heels some dress up. There is popular characters (Snookie, the Disney Princesses) while others reflect current events (the miners, elections) and sometimes they were just for fun (The Facts of Life cast, Lady Gaga). With all this adornment participants walk up and down the race route & through the surrounding areas. They mix with the crowds, pose for pictures, or perform as their characters. 

I never heard a number of how many runners there were, I'd guess less than 100 runners. The newspaper estimated 20,000 people were there to watch the race.

I love the concept of this race, to just have some fun, to be silly as adults.  It was fun to watch and to be apart of the atmosphere. 

Some of the runners were there also representing charities, and passing out pamphlets.  I thought it would be a great way to expand this fun event, to run for charities.  Passing out information is a wonderful thing, I wanted to donate to one of the causes but there was no way to donate right then. 

Later during the race I thought if I lived local I'd have friends and family sponsor me, or a group of friends, to run for a charity. I thought that would be a fun way to expand this great event!

Washington DC at Halloween is a place of ease and fun!  Thank you for this great time DC. 

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