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My human, Mia, has been working so hard. She is so inspired by my plan. My plan is to go all over the United States meeting new and wonderful people, to share their stories, and to find the connection between all people. Mia is so wonderful, and I want to meet more wonderful humans like her.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


OK... WOW!

So Alaska got me distracted from the blog! BIG  TIME!

Time to get back on track! You would love to know what's been happening! Last I left you I was in Iowa so I'll pick up there. Well, actually I'll pick up moving on from there. In Iowa I did tons of wonderful stuff and I promise I will come back on those things at a future date, but I need to move along with my trip or I'll be done and home before I get you on to state #39!

So here we go...

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