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My human, Mia, has been working so hard. She is so inspired by my plan. My plan is to go all over the United States meeting new and wonderful people, to share their stories, and to find the connection between all people. Mia is so wonderful, and I want to meet more wonderful humans like her.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ready.... Set..... G.....

We're not to GO! yet.... but we are getting close!  :)

This week Mia and I are moving out of her home and into our "home" for the next year, Mia's car.

We kick this adventure off on August 8th in Michigan!

The first leg of the trip is:

West Virginia
New York
New Hampshire
(then only 40 more states to go!)

Where would YOU recommend to go and see in these states?

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  1. If the weather is right, drive to the top of Mt. Washington in NH. It's amazing!