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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Charleston SC - The Food

I had WAY TOO much fun in Charleston! Mia and I are going back FOR SURE!  I got so much love and attention while in Charleston I'm doing four blogs about this one city! (The other three are Visiting a schoolFarmers Market, and Much LOVE)

What it starts out like
This is a fantastic city! I ate so much delicious food there! I can't even tell you about it all.

So instead I will tell you about the oysters. Starting when the temperature gets cool (about September) till about March they have oyster roasts.
This is how you shuck

When you go you have to shuck your own oysters, and it is amazingly delicious.  I tend to not like adventurous eating (most dogs don't), but I have put myself on this adventure this year and I will try foods everywhere I go! So this was a bit out of my comfort zone, grabbing a shell & having a knife to pry it open with.
The meat inside YUMMY!!!

But with all the work comes delicious yummy oysters.
Now many of you may be saying YUCK! oysters are salty & slimy.   Those are not THESE oysters, these are still a bit salty but slimy I did not notice.
After you open the shell you grab the meat and dunk it in a dip, we had a lemon & cracked pepper dip going on.  Add it to a saltine & eat away!

These Oyster Roasts are a Charleston Tradition so if you go down there be sure to partake and have a little adventure yourself.

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