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My human, Mia, has been working so hard. She is so inspired by my plan. My plan is to go all over the United States meeting new and wonderful people, to share their stories, and to find the connection between all people. Mia is so wonderful, and I want to meet more wonderful humans like her.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I missed 8!


Yesterday I spent the day with Mia's momma, running in the yard and getting in trouble with the neighbor's dog. A friend of Mia's took her away for a long weekend in Indianapolis. They had an amazing time.  Here's the Email Mia sent me about it:

Hey Taco,

I hope you're having fun with mom & dad. Today we spent the day in Indianapolis' City Circle area. This area was in the center of downtown & just two blocks down from a mall. It's called the Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, it's only about 21 feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty in NYC. It commemorates the Hoosiers that fought during about 4 different wars (Spanish, Civil, Revolutionary & one or two more I can't remember).

For only $2 I got to go to the top of it and see the whole downtown area. If I wanted to save the $2 I could have climbed 331 steps!!!!  Seemed like money well spent at 1/2 a cent a step! LOL!

While outside the I met a lovely dog named Simba & his owner called Nick.  Nick is from Rhode Island and travels all around the USA delivering freight.  Nick & Simba deliver a load, and then stay in that area for the weekend, then on Monday mornings the next freight options to see where they are going next.  I thought that was a really cool way to see the USA and still make money.  It's so interesting all the different types of jobs people do that I'm not really aware of.  Here's a picture of Simba, isn't he beautiful?  He's only 4 months old, and already so big!

Alright Taco, time for me to go to bed.  Have a great night.  See you soon.


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