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My human, Mia, has been working so hard. She is so inspired by my plan. My plan is to go all over the United States meeting new and wonderful people, to share their stories, and to find the connection between all people. Mia is so wonderful, and I want to meet more wonderful humans like her.

Friday, August 27, 2010

8-24-10 - Wednesday - Inspired by Love

Today I wanted to talk about LOVE.  Of course I love Mia and she loves me.  What I want to talk about though is the love I receive from others.  When I'm out walking Mia, people will sometimes stop to talk to us. Since I struggle speaking English, Mia does the talking for me, she answers questions about my age, size, and other little chit chat.  I appreciate Mia answering those questions and talking to those people, because all they ever really want to do is pet me, and to me that is showing love.  

It reminds me of the song performed by Louis Armstrong  "Wonderful World" 
(Songwriters: Thiele, Robert;Weiss, George David)

In that song there is a stanza of lyrics that go:

The colors of the rainbow ....so pretty.... in the sky
Are also on the faces ... of the people.... passing by
I see friends shaking hands... saying.... "how do you do"
They're really saying.....  I LOVE YOU.

And that is how I feel about the people that stop to ask about me, pet on me, or just smile at me from the distance.  They're just saying "It's so nice to see you" and in their own way saying "I love you". 

I think sometimes I get attention because I am so small, and I wonder if people remember to show one another the same kind of love to each other. Whether it be to family, friends or just strangers.  

I know I love feeling loved.  So today I challenge you, show someone you love them, choose someone you haven't said or show "I love you" to yet today.  Let's make this world a better place together. A second challenge if you wish to live big....  Smile, genuinely at people you don't know, show them you're happy they are on this planet with you too.

A little girl  put her doll's blanket on me because I looked cold, that says "I love you"
Even adults love saying "I love you" to me
Two teens saying "I love you" by taking me on a walk

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