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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8-21-10- Saturday - Steel City Roller Derby! Pittsburgh, PA

Today Mia was going to take me to the roller derby!  I was so excited, but I got sick, very sick.  I got greedy and at some food that upset my tummy.  I got so sick during dinner, Mia took me home for the night.  She made me stay in the bathtub, to help contain the mess.  I understood, though the bathtub can be cold sometimes.

So instead Mia and some friends went to the Roller Derby with out me.  They had a really good time! They saw the Steel City Derby Demons Play the Nashville's Music City Roller girls.  Mia says the first game was very exciting and close on score. She left at half time of the second game, because she was worried about me & the Pittsburgh team was winning by so much it didn't seem Nashville was going to catch up.

I know this picture is kind of hard to see but if you look really closely you can see Moxie Crimefighter, playing as Jammer.

After the game Mia got a picture of Moxie with some fans.  I'm sorry I missed such a fun evening & that Mia had to cut it short to come home and check on me.

If you want more information about the Pittsburgh Roller Derby Team, Steel City Derby Demons

Check out this link:    http://www.steelcityderbydemons.com/home/

Or go to the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Website for more information about the game & local teams in your area.
Their link is here:  http://wftda.com/

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