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Monday, August 16, 2010

8-12-10 - Thursday - Detroit - The VOLT Electricity at it's finest

Detroit has so many different nicknames! Did you know that? I didn't...

The D
America's Comeback City
Arsenal of Democracy
City of Trees
City of the Straits
Hitsville, USA
The Motor City
The 313
The Paris of the Midwest
The Renaissance City
America's Automotive Capital
Rock City

Crazy!  Who knew! Well, what I learned is there's a reason, Detroit has a lot going on, or at least did.  It is trying to recover from all the job loss, but it's working hard at making it.

We ran around a saw a lot of the City, beaches, and even Canada over the water.

 My favorite part of the day was actually going to see General Motors, I went into the Plant where they are going to be building the Volt, the new electric car by GM.  They start production this coming Monday on Aug 16th. It is like non of the other electric cars as it does have a small gas tank to run generators on each tire so you won't be stranded out on the road. It was really fascinating seeing the inside of a car plant. They are HUGE!  I'm very interested in how the Volt performs this next year, it seems promising, I see one of those in my future if they perform as well as I hope they do.

Link to more pictures:
Aug 12 Detroit, MI (Northville)

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