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Sunday, August 15, 2010

8-10-10 Tuesday - Mackinac Island

Arch Rock

As Promised Mia will tell about Mackinac Island, MI (pronounced Mack-n-naw *It's french*):

Today I went to Mackinac Island; world famous for it's charm. The only two ways to get around the island are by horse carriages or bicycles, there are no motorized cars allowed; except for the emergency vechiles (they have 1 ambulance & fire truck). When going to the Island you have to take a ferry; either
from the south or you cross the Mackinac Bridge and take a ferry from the Upper Peninsula. After arriving on the island I immediatly went and book a carriage tour, even though the island is very small it is hilly so it is so much easier to just ride around, especially since I limited on time there (I had too much to see on the Main land of MI to stay all day on Mackinac). I saw a butterfly house, the governer's summer home, the fort, the state park, Arch Rock, and the GRAND HOTEL.
Grand Hotel

In Taco's pictures you'll find pictures from all these things, but what I want to tell you about is the Grand Hotel. It is (in my opinion) the reason alot of people go to the island, it still has dress codes; formal attire after 6pm. It is a destination place for many people because of it's old world charm & formal but relaxed atmosphere, there is nothing rushed feeling about this hotel. From the horse drawn carriages, the rocking chairs on the front porch, to the bar on the 5th floor. It has what I would call "Southern Charm" but with out the HEAT of southern summers. :)

The Island is very pet friendly, and many people had their dogs with them.  Though I didn't try it the Island is also known for it's Fudge, there were shops

Glass Piece at Three Pines
After the Island When I returned to the Mainland of Michigan, I rode through the "Tunnel of Trees". It was very relaxing and beautiful, it is a road that follows the east coast of Lake Michigan.  Along the route we stopped in a wonderful Art Gallery/ Shop called: Three Pines. They had amazing work by Locals. Again
the pictures are in Taco's albums. After the ride we had dinner in Petoskey, MI and ate during the sunset over the lake.

All in all it was a wonderful day.

Link to Photos from Mackinac Island:
Aug 10 2010 Mackinac Island, MI

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