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Thursday, September 23, 2010

9-14-10 - Inspired by Commitment and Dedication

Tonight Mia & I went and hung out at Bentley's Biker Bar, in Maine, they had a cruise in with lots of wonderful cars.  We ate some delicious barbecue and enjoyed relaxing. While we were there we met brothers Rine' (pronounced Rainey) and Raymond. Raymond had a fresh tattoo on his arm, the IAFF Symbol  (International Association of Fire Fighters) these brothers had been Firefighters for over 25 years. 
From 2010-09-14 bentley in maine

Raymond (on the right of photo) joined the force when his younger brother (on the left of photo) told him about the great benefits and pay. This is not something I normally think of when it comes to firefighters, I think about the harm and danger they face. Raymond, at age 31 joined his brother Rine', then 21, on the local force. Rine' said when they joined the local firehouse there was about 3000 calls a year, and now the current number of calls is closer to 1000 a year. I wondered why it was such a dramatic drop was it because people were more careful, or because of more modern building materials in homes.  Rine' confirmed that those were probably good reasons, but also because modern heaters and stoves were no longer wood burning that's where he saw the biggest change.  He said most fires today, in their area, were forest fires and arsons, and that most of the calls were to assistant local law enforcement and ambulance services. 

My favorite part about listening to these brothers tell their stories was hearing commitment and dedication these men had to their community, jobs, and each other. I could tell these two had helped each other through many good and bad times, mid story they'd look at each other to confirm facts or to pass the baton of who was speaking. They'd both been retired a few years, and still felt so dedicated to their roots that Raymond had gone and gotten his beloved new tattoo and they were both out celebrating this new accessory.

I loved talking to them for the 20 or so minutes Mia and I sat there, and look forward to meeting more men like these two wonderful brothers.

To see pics from the car show follow this link:

2010-09-14 bentley in maine


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  1. I like hearing the stories about other people's lives like this