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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9-3-10 - Friday - America's Stonehenge

 America's Stonehenge:

It is believed to be the oldest man-made structure in the US, assumed to be over 4000 years old.  It appears as a maze of stone structures, many believe it was a ceremonial meeting place.  It has been determined that America's Stonehenge is an accurate astronomical calendar.

From 2010-09-03 Aug 30 sept 2 2010 NY VT NH

In the 1800's this site became one of the safe house for the underground railroad. A Family called Pattee, built their home on this site (then called Mystery Hill), Mr. Pattee was believed to be very active in the underground railroad. The Ankle shackles that were discovered on this site are now in the museum. 

From 2010-09-03 Aug 30 sept 2 2010 NY VT NH

In the 1950's the site was named and opened to the public, today many visitors enjoy America's Stonehenge and the surrounding woods. There are discovery areas leading down the path towards all the stone structures, where all ages can discover how to search for clues about this ancient place.  It was a very pleasant walk through the woods and takes about an hour and a half for people wanting to travel back in time. 
Website Link:   http://www.stonehengeusa.com/

From 2010-09-03 Aug 30 sept 2 2010 NY VT NH

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