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Monday, September 13, 2010

9-11-10 - Lumberjacks

He cut 3 slices in less than 4.25 seconds!!!

On Saturday I had the opportunity to see a Lumberjack Competition. I never dreamed I would get an opportunity like this one!  It was held at the beautiful Balsams Grand Resort in Dixville Notch, NH.  It was a two day competition and festival. I only got to attend the first day which activities included

-Axe Throw
-Two-Person Crosscut Board
-Jack & Jill Crosscut
-Underhand Chop
-Bow Saw
-Obstacle pole buck
-One man crosscut

Chainsaw Events:

-Open Class
-Stock Appearing
-Stock Saw Provided

It was very exciting, watching all the men and women compete for the cash prizes.  There was a Canadian sports channel there getting footage for programs to run in November.  Mia and I arrived about 9 am and stayed till about 5 pm, with competitions still running. We were exhausted and didn't think we could stay any longer since we had a 5 hour drive to our next place to stay.

Through out the day there were 74 axe throwing participants coming and going at the target, they all had to have their throws in by 2:00pm so the judges could tally all the scores. At about 3pm the top three throwers competed against each other for the $1000 prize. It was very exciting to get to see them throw!    

Of course besides all the exciting Lumberjack events I got my regular does of loving and cuddling in!  I got lots of attention from all the kids & even some men in uniform.  I love giving back my appreciation to those men with cuddles from me. 

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