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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9-4-10-0 Saturday - Strawbery Bankes

From 2010-09-04 nashua, NH & strawbery bank
Strawbery Bankes is now a museum, it was a neighborhood in the mid to late 1600's.  It is situated in the town of Portsmouth, NH; a quaint tourist town near the coastline.  Side trivia: New Hampshire has the shortest coast line of all the states it is only 190 miles.

Strawbery Bankes Museum was incorporated in 1958, it consists of 37 historical structures, 20 of which are restored and interpreted to reflect various aspects of life from 1653-1958. Several of the other homes are windows into construction methods and materials from 1600's - 1900's.

Many of the buildings had either role players, or volunteers at them, to answer questions and give back ground information on each structure. The oldest home was originally built in the mid 1600's.
From 2010-09-04 nashua, NH & strawbery bank

During the different seasons this museum has special presentations that are fitting for the time periods.  The cooks work with authentic tools over open fires,using seasonal treats.  In the fall there is night time strolls with ghost stories, during the summer there are 8 gardens on site including a victory garden.

From 2010-09-04 nashua, NH & strawbery bank

For more information please visit their website at http://www.strawberybanke.org/

And to see more pictures for our visit please follow this link:
2010-09-04 nashua, NH & strawbery bank

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