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Thursday, September 9, 2010

9-6-10- Monday - Labor Day!

What a delicious day!  
Pancakes &Maple syrup!
Is there anything better?

From 2010-09-08 nashua, NH Parker's Maple


I was taken to the Parker's Maple Barn today for Lunch/ Breakfast.  What a treat!  This restaurant has been a family run business for the past 50 years. During March and April  you can watch them make Maple syrup over fire in their Sugar House.  I obviously didn't get to see this process, it looks very laborious. Even with a big task every spring I loved their attitude:

From 2010-09-08 nashua, NH Parker's Maple

Besides the yummy food, there is also a two story gift shop, and trails through the woods.  There is plenty of time to explore all of these things, since the average wait for a table is an hour.  But it is a fun experience, and that's why you go there is for the memories (and AMAZING SYRUP!)

From 2010-09-08 nashua, NH Parker's Maple
The shopkeepers were very sweet to me. :)

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  1. I am so glad you made it to Parker's. I thought you might like it.