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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Katrina still in effect

It is cleared, but unlivable
Brand new house next to abandoned 
Church & Barber in 1 building
Everyone is still doing what they can.
Going to the 9th Ward was very eye opening.  I knew people had said there were still houses that hadn't been cleaned up. And there are some. Most of the places are cleaned up, or cleared. However even with the clean up underway there is still so much work to be done.

Many of the houses were being rebuilt on stilts or being built with bricks or other more sturdier building materials. I wonder if that will help next time New Orleans floods...

I'm impressed by the people that live there, I'm not sure how I would do. It seems so depressing to me and I wonder how the people the local people stay encouraged. No doubt I saw several churches and house of prayer locations, I'm sure spirituality helps, as well as strong community connection.  I heard there is lots of crime down there, I did not see any of that, there was a strong police presence and many posters encouraging neighborhood pride.

Obviously the 9th Ward isn't made for tourism, it's a bedroom community, so there really is no reason to go see it when down visiting New Orleans.   HOWEVER...

This picture used to be 24 houses now only 9
North of the 9th Ward and East of New Orleans was Six Flags over Louisiana.  Six Flags is now abandoned and decaying. It was sort of spooky and I think it was affecting the neighboring homes more than in the 9th Ward. I understand it is expensive for the company of Six Flags to clean up or fix everything on their property but seeing the houses near by even more ignored then down in the 9th ward makes me think the people or effected by the Six Flags scenery.
Below is a picture of the neighborhood right behind the park,
 the house with the open garage doors is untouched from Katrina.

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