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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wal-Mart Museum

I know many people have a strong opinion about Wal-Mart.  Many people don't have a good opinion about it. I have to say though for all the bad things I hear some how they still stay in business and keep growing, so I wonder how many people talk bad but still shop there.

ANYWAY, Taco Adventures has been far easier because of Wal-Mart. We greatly appreciate the ease of a national shop that allows people to sleep in their parking lots. We have slept in at least six different Wal-Mart parking lots and we're sure there is more to come. 
So when we had the opportunity to go to the birthplace of Wal-Mart and to see the museum we thought it was a must see!  The entry way cracked me up since it used the Wal-Mart signage.

It was also nice seeing how this major corporation started and the concepts behind it. Of course back when Sam and his brother first started up their business, they were helping their family run their family store. The concepts of family and community are strong in the Walton stance for their business. They also used to sell American made only. 

Many of the Sam Walton Quotes were hanging around the museum. I have to say I loved his ideals the business was founded on.                                        Roadside America has a great article about the Museum.

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