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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Protesting at Lorraine Hotel, Memphis, TN

Jacqueline out in the freezing cold.

While in Memphis we went by to see the Lorraine Hotel.  This is the place that Martin Luther King Jr. was shot in 1968.  It is now a Civil Rights Museum.  Right outside of the museum is a woman set up protesting the museum.
 Now someone protesting doesn't normally catch my attention. Everything has two sides so there is always someone protesting something. But this woman caught my attention for several reasons. One it was bitter cold! I mean it hurt to breath it was so cold out that day. So that shows some dedication to your cause. And the second reason, we're in the south and this is a black lady protesting the civil rights museum. That seemed very strange to me so I had to go up and find out.

The woman's name is Jacqueline Smith, she has devoted her life to Dr. MLK's dream. She believes the museum is focused on the violence and negitivity of the moment instead of on the hope and inspiration that were behind the civil rights movement. She also believes the millions that are spent on the museum could be put to better use in helping propel civil rights forward. Jacqueline has stood her ground outside of the monument for nearly 15 years. 

She makes some very good points, I have to admit I was conflicted over going in after talking to Jacqueline. I decided not to go in. 

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  1. Saw this lady today on a city tour of Memphis. Unsure as to whether I agree but I admire her tenacity!! I think MLK would b proud.