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Monday, January 17, 2011

Food not Bombs

While in Knoxville walking through Market square area, I noticed this table. 
 So of course I had to go up and ask...

Food Not Bombs is an organization that started in Boston in 1980 by eight friends. It is now an organization dedicated to showing the public how to focus resources in an effort to end hunger, homelessness, they are also promoting peace and ending the destruction on the environment. Food not Bombs is focused on using up the wasted food, they feed vegetarian meals to anyone wanting to eat. Many of the Food not Bombs groups set up at protests, conventions, rallies. Food not Bombs estimates it has chapters in 500 US cities.
In Knoxville they set up once a week, every Saturday at 2:30pm in Krutch Park, near Market Square.
 They are always in need of volunteers & all food served is donated. 

If you are interested in more information about Food not Bombs go HERE, if it's Knoxville specific information go HERE.  

This video was produced by the Chattanooga Food not Bombs group

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