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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Get to

On Wednesday in Louisville I heard all about this amazing woman, Denise Taylor. She has a message she spreads for her daughter, Jonnae. Jonnae lost her three year battle with cancer about a year ago. Jonnae had an interesting perspective on life, instead of saying "I Have to..." she's say "I Get to...". Changing just this one small word in her vocabulary changed the way she interacted with the world.

Jonnae didn't HAVE to have Chemo, she GOT to have Chemo. Denise didn't HAVE to bury her daughter, she GOT to release her daughter into heaven.

Even on a basic day to day level:
I get to go to work.
I get to talk to my mom/ dad/ spouse/ teacher/ boss. (fill in the blank)
I get to go exercise.
I get to eat healthy.
I get to clean my room.
Do you hear the difference?

It is so easy to forget how powerful langue is. I think I'll be focusing on this practice. 
That I GET to do things, not HAVE to do them. Will you join me?

Also when Jonnae was sick, her and her mom started a tradition: every Wednesday they would dress up silly.
They called it WACKY WEDNESDAY. 
 They'd black out teeth, dress in funny clothes, do their hair weird whatever would be wacky for that day!  It was a day dedicated to FUN.

Jonnae was bringing joy to those around her and her mom is continuing the legacy. Every Wednesday you'll find Denise with some volunteers at the Children's hospital passing out fun & wacky items to the kids & staff. Bringing joy back into these families lives and helping them remember life is fun!
Denise pushes around a large cart of items; masks, hats, glasses, wands, wigs.... You name it this woman probably has it! She gives the items for free.

Denise spends her entire day running errands in her WACKY attire! She wants to spread the message of FUN to everyone. She hopes to remind people of the Joy of living & She hopes people will join her everywhere in this tradition.

Trying not to smile while being wacky is HARD!

You might say this woman takes Wacky very seriously! HA!

If you want to know more about Denise, Jonnae, "We Get to", or Wacky Wednesday please see her WEBSITE.

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