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Monday, January 17, 2011

Knoxville, TN

SO here we are in Knoxville

The Sunsphere was originally built for the World's fair in 1982.  It is now a great place to see the city of Knoxville for free.

It is located next to the convention center and though one of the tallest structures in Knoxville, it is in fact located on one of the lowest points in Knoxville. So it does not tower over the city.

This is the view from inside ----------->

Besides seeing the Sunsphere we also went to the Market Square, Visitor Center & walked around downtown quite a bit.

I saw several things in Knoxville I loved.... Food for Bombs & the Women's Suffrage Statue are two of those things that are getting their own blog postings.
It's 2011... the tree is still up.

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