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Sunday, April 3, 2011

BBQ San Antonio

This is the Bar-B-Que place Deputy Dog from the Natural Bridge and Caverns recommended for us to stop and eat at. It was a small building with a few seats inside, but we choose to eat outside on the picnic tables and enjoy the sun.

All their ingredients are natural and with no preservatives. Everything is made fresh everyday and you could tell. It was amazing! Delicious, and a great atmosphere. 

The woman in the picture above is the owner, she was telling me about how she'd just bought the business this past year from some firemen and she was loving it. That's how the Bar-B-Que place got its name "Bucket Brigade" because the original owners being firemen.

They don't have a website or I'd site it here, you can Google it and find it on yelp, yellow pages and sites like that.

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