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Friday, April 22, 2011


It's been interesting to see how time "changes" out here on the road. Mia and I were discussing the other day how some days seem fast and others seem like we can get everything in we want to. We know this happened at home too.

We also noticed how drive times change. Many people complain about driving across Kansas that it is boring, flat, long.... you get the idea. Mia said she felt like that sometimes, but mainly it didn't occur to her that way. She noticed a lot of rolling hills, sky, and general scenery.

It also doesn't seem like it's been so many months since we left "home" and so many of our friends, while at the same time Mia says it seems like forever since we did some of the things from the beginning of the trip.

We've been on the road nearly nine months now.

Take that in nine months....

Nine months....

WOW! And we've done so much! And there is still so much to do!

Sorry I got side tracked with the reality, when we left we weren't even sure if we'd make it three months before going home and now we're three times that.

Ok, so my ramblings are now showing what I set out to say in this blog....

Time is perspective. We all know this. The perspective on time changes once we're looking back on it.


What Mia and I observed it's also about the perspective we have on it in the moment. Attitude if you will. During the long drives, like through Kansas, can be viewed as a "Yuck, we need to get through this." or "Yeah, we will get through this, and for now isn't it beautiful."  And it is the choosing of "wow it's beautiful" or even as basic as "yup it's a field", it is that choosing of perspective or attitude that makes all the difference in time.

Time will fly or drag based on our perspective of it.

Mia thinks this is also why it seems like "forever" since some of our earlier adventures, because she loved it so now she misses it. Where as it doesn't feel like we ever left home because the people from there we stay actively connect to through modern technology.

What an amazing gift time is.... now off to enjoy more time on this trip.

If you want to look back with Mia here are some of the times she was reminiscing about during our conversation:

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