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My human, Mia, has been working so hard. She is so inspired by my plan. My plan is to go all over the United States meeting new and wonderful people, to share their stories, and to find the connection between all people. Mia is so wonderful, and I want to meet more wonderful humans like her.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sadie, We're all connected.

This is Sadie, she says "you can do whatever you want".   She's a smart little girl.

Friday, August 27, 2010

8-24-10 - Wednesday - Inspired by Love

Today I wanted to talk about LOVE.  Of course I love Mia and she loves me.  What I want to talk about though is the love I receive from others.  When I'm out walking Mia, people will sometimes stop to talk to us. Since I struggle speaking English, Mia does the talking for me, she answers questions about my age, size, and other little chit chat.  I appreciate Mia answering those questions and talking to those people, because all they ever really want to do is pet me, and to me that is showing love.  

It reminds me of the song performed by Louis Armstrong  "Wonderful World" 
(Songwriters: Thiele, Robert;Weiss, George David)

In that song there is a stanza of lyrics that go:

The colors of the rainbow ....so pretty.... in the sky
Are also on the faces ... of the people.... passing by
I see friends shaking hands... saying.... "how do you do"
They're really saying.....  I LOVE YOU.

And that is how I feel about the people that stop to ask about me, pet on me, or just smile at me from the distance.  They're just saying "It's so nice to see you" and in their own way saying "I love you". 

I think sometimes I get attention because I am so small, and I wonder if people remember to show one another the same kind of love to each other. Whether it be to family, friends or just strangers.  

I know I love feeling loved.  So today I challenge you, show someone you love them, choose someone you haven't said or show "I love you" to yet today.  Let's make this world a better place together. A second challenge if you wish to live big....  Smile, genuinely at people you don't know, show them you're happy they are on this planet with you too.

A little girl  put her doll's blanket on me because I looked cold, that says "I love you"
Even adults love saying "I love you" to me
Two teens saying "I love you" by taking me on a walk

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8-23-10 - Monday - Pittsburgh, PA

Sorry I got these out of order.  Being sick has me not thinking straight.

Today I'm going to talk about the Duquesne Incline.  The Duquesne Incline is an incline that runs from the bottom of Mt. Washington to the top.  From the top of the incline there is a platform with a magnificent view!

Inside the Incline Building at the top is an interesting display of Pittsburgh through the years in photography.  It is very interesting how Pittsburgh went from a Coal town, covered in Black clouds and soot from the mines and now is clean and clear.

The sky line is very beautiful, and is fun to look at.  I counted over 20+ bridges from up there!  That's a lot of bridges in just one little down town area.

8-24-10- Tuesday - Pittsburgh

Today I went to the Vet, I'm still sick.  Mia has had several sleepless nights because of me not feeling well and I was getting very weak feeling.  When you're a 2.5 lb dog there isn't a lot of room to go with out eating.  The Vet gave me a couple shots & some fluids, and I did feel better after sleep a couple hours.  Even though I hate the vets office I know I need to go to stay healthy.  I prefer laying around and watching TV which Mia lets me do when I'm first waking up in the mornings, or late at night.  I'll really watch whatever is on, but Cartoons are my favorite.  I like Sponge Bob, Mia took my picture the other day watching this one (I don't remember now what it's called):  
Watching Cartoons

Resting on the Bed

What's your favorite thing to do when you don't feel well?

What's your favorite Cartoon or show to watch?

8-22-10 - Sunday - The Cathedral of Learning - Pittsburgh, PA

In Mia's purse
At the University of Pittsburgh, they have this building called the Cathedral of Learning.  It is an incredible building, 20+ stories tall, magnificent, and built to impress! There are about 30 rooms in the building dedicated to different countries, and each of those rooms are decorated by people from that country to represent it the best.  Many of the rooms are very interesting, and you learn a lot about  the countries while being in the room.  The rooms are used as classrooms, so as you look at these pictures just imagine, being in college and learning in these environments.

I think I would have either been totally distracted, or completely inspired, I can't decide which. Of course since pups don't go to school, it's not a concern I really need to worry about.
Me the world traveler.... I will conquer this globe!

I still wasn't feeling well on this day so Mia carried me around in her purse & only took me out for a couple of photo shoots.  I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow.

Professor Taco... I have a lot to teach you!

Here's a link to more pictures from the Cathedral of Learning:
Pittsburgh August 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8-21-10- Saturday - Steel City Roller Derby! Pittsburgh, PA

Today Mia was going to take me to the roller derby!  I was so excited, but I got sick, very sick.  I got greedy and at some food that upset my tummy.  I got so sick during dinner, Mia took me home for the night.  She made me stay in the bathtub, to help contain the mess.  I understood, though the bathtub can be cold sometimes.

So instead Mia and some friends went to the Roller Derby with out me.  They had a really good time! They saw the Steel City Derby Demons Play the Nashville's Music City Roller girls.  Mia says the first game was very exciting and close on score. She left at half time of the second game, because she was worried about me & the Pittsburgh team was winning by so much it didn't seem Nashville was going to catch up.

I know this picture is kind of hard to see but if you look really closely you can see Moxie Crimefighter, playing as Jammer.

After the game Mia got a picture of Moxie with some fans.  I'm sorry I missed such a fun evening & that Mia had to cut it short to come home and check on me.

If you want more information about the Pittsburgh Roller Derby Team, Steel City Derby Demons

Check out this link:    http://www.steelcityderbydemons.com/home/

Or go to the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Website for more information about the game & local teams in your area.
Their link is here:  http://wftda.com/

8-20-10 - Friday - Pittsburgh, PA

I love SKY LINE pictures! Especially Panoramic ones!

Ah! I'm home!

This is where I adopted Mia as my own, and we started our bond.  Hard to believe that was 7 (almost 8) years ago! I'm getting to be such an old pup. 

When I was born they called me a runt, dog books recommend to never go with the runt.  I'm so glad when I picked Mia she was willing to go with me.  Today is all about the memories flooding back, about the younger years and about old friends, I haven't seen in so long, I barely remember their scent.

What's your favorite place? That place that feels like home?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

8-19-10 - Thursday - West Virginia

No matter how cute I am....  Mia isn't happy with me today. Because of the way states fell on our time line, we only had one day in West Virginia. Mia requested we spend the day in Wheeling & I wanted to drive through the state "to see more".  I thought we'd may be run across some cute country store or something that might catch our eye and "make us want to stop".

Instead we got lost...  I don't mean a little off the beaten path, I mean LOST!

We were lost in the "back woods of WV" for 4 hours!  Mia couldn't figure out how to find the highway, we weren't seeing any "cute country stores", barely any houses even.  With all the twists and turns on the roads even Mia as the driver started to get car sick!

Two positive things though #1 Mia got some great pictures, #2 She listened to Steve Martin's book "Born Standing Up" She loved it, keep her laughing, so she wasn't quite so mad at me.  Some of the Pictures are below and you can find the book at this link:  http://www.amazon.com/Born-Standing-Up-Comics-Life/dp/1416553649

Her Favorite Picture to take was this one though:

8-17-10 - Tuesday - Zanesville, OH

Today I went to Zanesville, OH, I'd heard they had a three way bridge!                                                         When I got there I discovered it's called a Y bridge.       
I don't know if you can tell from the picture but at the third support post the bridge turns. 
It's not just straight across the river.                                               
Now some of you may think this can only be done with modern technology this is not the case. 
It was orginally built in the 1850's but was rebuilt in 1984.    

The picture below is of the intersection in the middle of the bridge.  

The other thing I found interesting about Zanesville is next to the bridge it's this:

It is a large circle of vases. There were no signs, plaques, or anything denoting why they were there or what they meant. They were all painted differently, some were dream type themes, some were mother goose, the globe, birds, all types of themes.

My favorite was this top:

Seems very appropriate for what I'm doing out here on the road!

Dare to Dream, Dare to Do!

Here's the link to the other photos of the bridge and vases if your interested: 
2010-08-19 Ohio WV

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8-16-10 - Monday - Columbus, OH

Today Mia and I decided to eat at Thurman's Cafe. This was a place featured on Man vs. Food

Link to You tube of footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoAiIUYaAn8

Me eating a burger from Thurman's Cafe

Mia and I ordered the BBQ Burger, we knew we'd lose to the Thurmanator as they call it (a 24oz burger!).  It was very delicious I would recommend it, there will be a wait and it is slightly over priced (in Mia's opinion).  The picture to the left is of me eating my pieces.  I really couldn't eat it fast enough. At one point Mia was moving my napkin over because she saw a jogger coming, and I thought she was going to take my yummy burger away so I snatched up a piece and ran a little bit away with it. It was funny once I realized what Mia was doing.

Then we went to Dublin, OH to see around there too. Some people directed us to go see this "corn field" .... of course being in Ohio makes you think you'll see an agriculture site, and instead we find this a field filled with concrete ears of corn.

Mia took lots of pictures here, and all around Columbus Here's the link to see more pictures:  
8-16-10 Columbus, OH

8-15-10- Sunday - Dayton

Downtown Dayton From the Woodland Cemetery

Dayton is an interesting town. You would think so at first glance, at first glance you might think it's just a place between Indiana, Columbus & Cincinnati OH. You'd be mistaken.

Dayton has several major universities & the Air Force Base.

To that the Air Force Museum in Beavercreek, one of the suburbs of Dayton, is spectacular.  The admission and parking is free, so there is no excuse for not going. 5 minutes or 4 hours you won't regret stopping in.  They have a separate hanger of Air Force 1's and for Trial or Test planes.  In the Main museum they have displays from the Wright brothers all the way through to modern air crafts. When I say display I don't mean little Plexiglas recreations... I mean the really planes on display, some even suspended in air. It really is a great place for all ages.

Dayton also has a peace Museum. That's right you heard me correctly a PEACE museum. It's a museum that focuses on the peace in the world. On a global scale, local scale & inner peace by offering mediation classes. I find this to be an interesting idea, I did not get a chance to visit the Peace Museum, but it sounded great, I am sorry I missed it.  

I had a great time in Dayton met lots of great people and hope to return to visit again soon. :)

8-14-10- Saturday - Ohio Here we come!

Ohio has great roads! After driving through Detroit the last few days... Ohio is like driving on satin!

As Mia was driving through the small towns of Ohio I noticed these signs as you'd enter each town. I found out they indicate what all the town has going on as far as organization and things to do.  So this town as a Girls scout troop, 4-H club, Lions group....  you get the idea.    I think this is a sweet concept, it's like announcing to the world how connected and neighborly you are as a community. It tells the people coming in you're a community who does stuff together & we're involved in each other's lives.  I like that.                                                             A strong sense of community is a blessing in this life.

8-13-10- Friday - Michigan Recap -888 Miles

Wow Michigan's week has flown by! As did all 888 Miles we drove!

We learned a lot of facts about Michigan while we were there:

There is 260 Varieties of Lilacs on Mackinac Island alone
The Petoskey Stone is the state stone
People that live in the Upper Peninsula are called Yoopers
Yoopers call people in main Michigan -  Trolls

While at a Farmers Market in Northville, MI I ran across this tent.  Matt Sells Matt's Mix.  It's a delicious Organic Seasoning, he personally mixes together it is perfect for grilling vegtables, but I believe it would be good on ANYTHING! There is no MSG in it, I checked cause I thought it was too good not to have it.

If you're interested in more information about Matt's Seasoning (and I think you should be) his website is http://mattsmix.com/

All in all Michigan was a wonderful state, the people were really friendly, and the atmosphere relaxing. I would recommend North Michigan for a vacation or a quick get a way if you live kinda close.

Monday, August 16, 2010

8-12-10 - Thursday - Detroit - The VOLT Electricity at it's finest

Detroit has so many different nicknames! Did you know that? I didn't...

The D
America's Comeback City
Arsenal of Democracy
City of Trees
City of the Straits
Hitsville, USA
The Motor City
The 313
The Paris of the Midwest
The Renaissance City
America's Automotive Capital
Rock City

Crazy!  Who knew! Well, what I learned is there's a reason, Detroit has a lot going on, or at least did.  It is trying to recover from all the job loss, but it's working hard at making it.

We ran around a saw a lot of the City, beaches, and even Canada over the water.

 My favorite part of the day was actually going to see General Motors, I went into the Plant where they are going to be building the Volt, the new electric car by GM.  They start production this coming Monday on Aug 16th. It is like non of the other electric cars as it does have a small gas tank to run generators on each tire so you won't be stranded out on the road. It was really fascinating seeing the inside of a car plant. They are HUGE!  I'm very interested in how the Volt performs this next year, it seems promising, I see one of those in my future if they perform as well as I hope they do.

Link to more pictures:
Aug 12 Detroit, MI (Northville)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

8-11-10- Wednesday - Traverse City and beyond!

Today Mia and I drove all over the state of MI! I wanted to see Traverse City on our way to Detroit. Only added about 2 hours of drive time so Mia agreed we could!

As we were driving, we saw The world's largest Cherry Pie in Charlevoix, MI.

We pulled over to learn more about it and take my picture by this pie monument!

The pie crust measured from 14 feet 4 inches in diameter, 2 feet deep & weighing 7 tons!!!!  It took almost 5,000 lbs of cherries to make the filling.

This pie got the record in May of 1976 and held it till 1987!

Mia and I hope to run into bigger and bigger pies along the way :)

We also stopped by Frankenmuth, MI & took pictures by Lake Michigan in  Traverse City.  Check out my photo pages for those pics.

Question for today: What's the most memorable roadside stop you've ever made? Or does your town have a claim to fame like this?

8-10-10 Wednesday - Inspired by Community

The people here in Michigan have a wonderful sense of community & connections; they are super friendly & sociable. An example of what I've seen:

Mia & Deb (Mia's friend) stopped for gas on one of our outings; Deb gets out of the car to pump gas and Mia goes into the station to use the "little girls room". When Mia comes back out to the car she says to Deb, "I must look local, the attendant just asked me where CMU is. And of course I don't know and told
him sorry." Deb tells Mia it's in Mt. Pleasant. By this point Mia had already started cleaning the front windshield. Deb finishes up what she's doing and says she's going to run inside for a potty break also, Mia recommends she tell the attendant where CMU is located because he seemed to really want to know.
While Deb is inside, the gentleman at the car next to us thanks Mia for washing the windshield because it reminded him to do his also, and he really appreciated that. Then a women at the car on the other side of us said "CMU is located in Mt. Pleasant" (obviously she missed that we already figure it out) but we thanked
her for her help with the information. Deb returned to the car and told Mia that she'd told the attendant the answer when she walked in. He apparently was very happy for the information because he thanked her and then proceeded to thank her 3 more times when she came back out from little girls room.

I thought this was all so wonderful because the attendant felt comfortable enough to ask anyone the question he had, the people in the cars around us either wanted to be helpful or even give credit of helpfulness with the reminder of Mia just performing a normal task, Deb's willingness to share the information she knew, and the attendants thankfulness for getting the information he wanted.  All of this communicated a sense of community the people of Michigan seem to share with each other.

8-10-10 Tuesday - Mackinac Island

Arch Rock

As Promised Mia will tell about Mackinac Island, MI (pronounced Mack-n-naw *It's french*):

Today I went to Mackinac Island; world famous for it's charm. The only two ways to get around the island are by horse carriages or bicycles, there are no motorized cars allowed; except for the emergency vechiles (they have 1 ambulance & fire truck). When going to the Island you have to take a ferry; either
from the south or you cross the Mackinac Bridge and take a ferry from the Upper Peninsula. After arriving on the island I immediatly went and book a carriage tour, even though the island is very small it is hilly so it is so much easier to just ride around, especially since I limited on time there (I had too much to see on the Main land of MI to stay all day on Mackinac). I saw a butterfly house, the governer's summer home, the fort, the state park, Arch Rock, and the GRAND HOTEL.
Grand Hotel

In Taco's pictures you'll find pictures from all these things, but what I want to tell you about is the Grand Hotel. It is (in my opinion) the reason alot of people go to the island, it still has dress codes; formal attire after 6pm. It is a destination place for many people because of it's old world charm & formal but relaxed atmosphere, there is nothing rushed feeling about this hotel. From the horse drawn carriages, the rocking chairs on the front porch, to the bar on the 5th floor. It has what I would call "Southern Charm" but with out the HEAT of southern summers. :)

The Island is very pet friendly, and many people had their dogs with them.  Though I didn't try it the Island is also known for it's Fudge, there were shops

Glass Piece at Three Pines
After the Island When I returned to the Mainland of Michigan, I rode through the "Tunnel of Trees". It was very relaxing and beautiful, it is a road that follows the east coast of Lake Michigan.  Along the route we stopped in a wonderful Art Gallery/ Shop called: Three Pines. They had amazing work by Locals. Again
the pictures are in Taco's albums. After the ride we had dinner in Petoskey, MI and ate during the sunset over the lake.

All in all it was a wonderful day.

Link to Photos from Mackinac Island:
Aug 10 2010 Mackinac Island, MI

Saturday, August 14, 2010

8-9-10 - Monday - Michigan

Today we arrived in near Burt Lake, MI. It is a peaceful lake near the U.P. (Upper Pensyila) of Michigan. We're staying our first few days here relaxing. Tomorrow we go see Mackinac Island, Mia is especially excited about that day trip, so I'll have Mia write about it tomorrow after we go. Today I did several "firsts": Mia tried to get me to walk on the beach with her, I didn't like the sand it made me nervous, but then she tricked me by picking me up and putting me on the wet sand near the water, it was easier to walk on but the waves from the lapping lake kept trying to get me! And my other first was walking on a dock with boats. Again Mia, forced me to do something I didn't really want to do, but once I was out there it wasn't so bad, don't you dare tell her that
though, she already thinks she knows best. Well, I'm tired today so I'm going to bed now.

Today's question: What have you done before that you didn't think at first you wanted to, but after accomplishing it you were happy you did?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Schools Seaking Adult Pen Pals

I know I haven't blogged yet about my trip, those blogs are coming soon. BUT I heard about this program and wanted to share it since I do want to see kids succeed in life and I see value in people of all generations interacting.

If you are interested in what you read please follow the link I provide below.

From their website:

In2Books was created in 1997 to enhance the intellectually stimulating work available to students in low-income neighborhoods. A basic tenet of In2Books is that all children are capable of deep learning. Children cannot fully develop their learning potential without challenging learning experiences. In2Books promotes ambitious literacy learning in grades 2-5 by having students engage in authentic reading and writing experiences with adult pen pals. The pen pal experience is complemented by the classroom study of genre and genre-related literacy.


Saturday, August 7, 2010


Busy, Busy, Busy.....  So busy I've forgotten how to count down  :)

So Monday morning is the kick off for this year long adventure! We've been so busy get the loose ends tied up. You forget all the little things you put off in life until they end up on a to do list with a definite end date.

Mia and I are getting tons done & getting to visit with her family some too. It's nice to spend the time with family and to be "back home" for a while.

Tonight Mia is going to meet up with some of her High School friends, I know she's excited to see people she's not seen in years.

Who haven't you seen in a long time, and would love an evening to "catch up" with?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

...6... (counting down the days till leaving)

Today Mia joined me at her parents house, we are staying here together till we take off on our adventure. It's nice to have her back with me, I've missed her being around. Mia requested we stay "a few days" so she could visit with her parents and get done with the last minute details of the trip.  How could I say no since the reason I'm even taking this trip is to connect people together, so of course Mia can connect with her family.

How do you like to spend time with your family?

Monday, August 2, 2010


I missed 8!


Yesterday I spent the day with Mia's momma, running in the yard and getting in trouble with the neighbor's dog. A friend of Mia's took her away for a long weekend in Indianapolis. They had an amazing time.  Here's the Email Mia sent me about it:

Hey Taco,

I hope you're having fun with mom & dad. Today we spent the day in Indianapolis' City Circle area. This area was in the center of downtown & just two blocks down from a mall. It's called the Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, it's only about 21 feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty in NYC. It commemorates the Hoosiers that fought during about 4 different wars (Spanish, Civil, Revolutionary & one or two more I can't remember).

For only $2 I got to go to the top of it and see the whole downtown area. If I wanted to save the $2 I could have climbed 331 steps!!!!  Seemed like money well spent at 1/2 a cent a step! LOL!

While outside the I met a lovely dog named Simba & his owner called Nick.  Nick is from Rhode Island and travels all around the USA delivering freight.  Nick & Simba deliver a load, and then stay in that area for the weekend, then on Monday mornings the next freight options to see where they are going next.  I thought that was a really cool way to see the USA and still make money.  It's so interesting all the different types of jobs people do that I'm not really aware of.  Here's a picture of Simba, isn't he beautiful?  He's only 4 months old, and already so big!

Alright Taco, time for me to go to bed.  Have a great night.  See you soon.